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Thursday, 31st December 2015, New Year’s Eve.

Rainy, perhaps, but warm and wind-free this morning and a few extra miles done quite easily. I’d heard more swans were at Bank Top end of canal so took a look. No ‘new’ pair but one of this years cygnets was paddling about.
It has rained since the recent flooding and canal-side fields are even more lake-like with umpteen fresh and sea-water birds. An Owl watcher out today too.
Hinds Lane was well water-logged but when you see multi-coloured pipes you know you’re back on tarmac.(A good day for mud-guards!)
The view, from Bolton Road, down and across to Radcliffe, past Constellation Mill and St. Andies Church, may soon be gone due to new housing. Video’s done when possible – sun is tricky of a morning.
Not a fan of funded beeb but Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef prog, on last night, was good. No, very good, no excellent, no it was brilliant! He’s eighty-eight for heaven’s sake and they shoved him into a globular glass submersible (very Jurassic World!) and lowered him into seas over The Great Barrier Reef. The resulting film(s) awesome – with ‘commentary’ by the man himself – and one or two monochrome clips of him, as a ‘youngster’, skin-diving the reef. Great photography.
Endeavour was on the other side. The acting good, story good, but Thursday sat in the pub, unwrapped his home-made Ham and Tomato sarnies then, after eating, sat back and lit-up his pipe to again steal the show! Nice shot of Mr D. on the bus.
All the best for tonight!

Wednesday 30th December 2015.

Warm but windy with a spot of rain this morning so a shorter out and about in case it poured-down. Many out jogging. Tested camera. (Okay but not enough ‘footage’ for a movie yet)
Old Spiderman film – the one with the dino/lizard/man hybrid – watched. Good effects but far too contrived – the girl just happens to be head cop’s daughter! Such are comic hero stories.
Pointless contestants, last night, all ‘officers’ of govern-mental departments. E.G. sports awareness officer. ‘Rollover’ Jackpot was £3250 divided by two last night and one winner answered really obscure govern-mental questions – obviously a fan! I’ll go on The Chase instead – at least Brad is funny.
On the ‘fun’ front one of the (three day week) ‘heads’ of environ-mental agency, responsible for floods (?!?), has just returned from exotic hols abroad while UK drowns!
Meanwhile the other lot are after getting rid of just-elected leader! I mean, why bother in the first place?

Tuesday 29th December 2015.

Sunny with blue skies this morning for the early and warm out and about. Traffic was light but some of it really does stink! Local roads are back to normal, let’s hope folk flood affected get back to normal fast too – was getting fed-up with all the local ‘disaster’ movies. If it rains a lot the water has to go somewhere. High river water is mentioned here many times over the year(s). No one cares. But watch-out, next year, for unexpected Giant Hogweeds! Meanwhile those govern-mental send £billions of tax-payer cash abroad while the left-hand arch below Warth Bridge could really use a deep dredging, the dredgings (pebbles) piled on the banks.
Unofficially watched the latest iconic spy movie. Great filming, great actors, great IT gadgets but, sadly, no great Fleming-type plot. In fact it’s more or less a soap. Eastenders at night – with govern-mental funding. But a nice 1940’s Rolls – in the bloody desert! (good grief!) and he gets into his DB5 at the end.(Bond’s private car was a Bentley) M was played by ‘he who shall not be named’ and isn’t quite right. And Q would be told by his Sergeant Major to ‘get your ‘orrible hair cut!’ I think the MOD buildings went-up in smoke again too. Movie fans will (do) love it – Bond fans? Mmmm… another story? (Please!)
But, new: Castle and Sherlocks soon, with OAPension rise April!
Picture taken today, in the sun! But N.B. the hedge thorns. That’s why that area is no-go for two wheels usually.

Monday 28th December 2015.

Mmm… roads clear around Radcliffe but several homes flood-damaged – no pics of all that – see msm, they thrive on it. Bad connection today …
But, watched (dragged-out) ‘drama’ about Harry Price ‘ghost-hunting’ last night and it was, at last! at last! soap-free! The ‘ghost’ (obviously!) boiled-down to far more logical origins but at least Harry detected using evidence etc. One or two ghostly camera tricks but nothing silly as redundant Downton actors (?) played it (well) for frights.
Confused by Vera Duckworth turning-up in Emmerdale ?? Noticed accidentally.
Families of deceased freebie tv licence holders (over 75’s) are being harrassed by beeb to buy a full tv licence immediately. Another nail in the coffin of this, erm, organization.

Sunday 27th December 2015.

24 hour rain caused quite a few Radcliffe flooding problems yesterday/last night.
This morning Bury Road and Dumers Lane still closed at river bridges. Along Dumers Lane Irwell water rose six feet or more leaving garbage trapped in riverbank trees! (Pic 2) Reliably told that a container floated down the river nearby! Footbridge washed away near asda’s, which took-out a gas-pipe. (TV news- trust asda to get in on it!)
Water levels are still high – islands covered at Warth, and Greenbank (? up a hill!) was impassable for vehicles for a time – still is flooded.
Video: High water this morning at Warth and a few flooded canal-side shots.

Saturday 26th December 2015.

Heavy, solid rain for this Boxing Day morning. Hype has it that 30,000,000 shoppers will be out and a’shopping later in Boxing Day ‘sales’. Mmm … I should be in boat sails …
It’s dark here too, like middle of night at nine a.m. Not sure about out and abouting …
Apparently beeb is doing (or has done) a soap featuring many, if not all, of Dickens characters on one street. Heaven help us!
But watched beeb Attenborough show about things that have flown, fly, and how they did/do it. China was ‘visited’, the fossil-rich sedimentary stone-beds dating back 100,000,000 – 200,000,000 years ago. A couple of local archaeologists were chipping away at stone ‘sheets’, occasionally splitting a stone to find a ‘bird’ fossil preserved within. One prehistoric flying thing was bigger than a small aircraft. Good, informative, original, tv. No characters stolen from the past … well …
Still dark and rainy here, visibility is less than half a mile across fields, the horizon a grey haze.
So here’s a sunny, October, photo’.
Have a good Boxing Day!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas if you’re reading this. Pouring down here so no out and abouting (just yet !?) but it’s not cold.
Had wanted to do another local video, for Christmas Day, but it really is raining hard. Really.
Watched parts of Casino Royale (Daniel Craig) last night and the film Bond isn’t the book Bond – never has been. For a start Bond doesn’t wreck everything he touches – especially his Bentley Continental. (Fleming calls it a Continental Bentley in one book and it does get damaged – but not wrecked! A Bentley wrecked! Good grief!) The fascination with Astons starts with a DB3 not a DB5. But hey ho, what’s in an advert? Really he should have a Tranny van to keep all his gadgets clothes in. But Endeavor is back shortly with Ace Tec’ Thursday! Endeavor solves the specially concocted ‘brainy’ case, ok, but Thursday stands there in his Trilby and raincoat and (correctly!) fills and lights his pipe! This is rare on tv – most actors just cannot do pipe! (One old woman in a Harry Potter film came close!)
Shoestring Video’s (Nought to do with TV Tec’ Eddie Shoestring (Trevor Eve)) have had umpteen, well many, well, one or two plays and checking-out a few other popular vids at youtube revealed one that’s had 1,222,000,000 plays. Ed Sheeran gets millions of plays for every song/video. I mean, do they sit there, clicking? Get a life eh? Remember Chad? Well. Ed Sheeran. No? (Sorry, songs great Ed!)
It’s the last Downton today. Love the Christmassy photo’ of that Abbey on TV. Around here they call such buildings ‘Mills’ and you can rent a ‘Unit’ in one. They used to be full of ‘looms’, that wove ‘wefts’ and ‘warps’ watched by skint peasants in wooden ‘clogs’. But then some silly bugger outlawed slavery and kids had to go up chimneys to earn a groat. Or something like that.
Rain’s gone off a bit. Might chance some exercise – grabbing a turkey is hard work as you age – especially while chasing ’em on a bike!
Have a good Christmas Day!

Thursday 24th December, Christmas Eve, 2015.

Damp, rainy but not too cold for Christmas Eve 2015 down Radcliffe this morning. A few short shots (don’t want to annoy folk or MiB’s) around a few local landmarks in quickie video. (No, not asda’s! Oops, I gave ’em a freebie mention! Hey ho, it’s Christmas and they might need the plug!) It was busy around there earlier but wet.
Watched a Shania Twain live show on TV other night. Good songs etc., so I checked her out on youtube. One of her track videos there has over 75,000,000 plays! Several more have over 20,000,000. She’s sold over 85,000,000 albums. Mmm … my (crap?) audio-less videos have only 400+ plays. Well, you have to start somewhere (Radcliffe?).
Prey ended last night as Murdoch finally found his daughter. Gritty, overly dysfunctional stuff and dragged out more than a bit. Good actors in Manchester, Blackpool and Lake District locations. Female detective lead – want another?
The first Cumberbatch Sherlock show was on again too – he morphed into Doctor Who over the series imo. Do this the other way around and Doctor Who would take-off again! New Sherlock show is set in late 1800’s as written and looks like a Conan-Doyle adapted original.
Castle is back early in New Year. Will it still cut it?
Have a good Christmas Eve!

Wednesday 23rd December 2015.

Sunny but colder this morning – ideal for two wheels – and a brisk (oh yes!) out and about done.
Loads of Spaniards, winning (say) £300,000.00p each in their £1.600,000,000.00p Chrissy Lottery, make a mockery of grafting for a living and paying tax.
In and Out eu campaigns to cost £28,000,000.00p. And eu folk getting 2.5% pay-rises. Govern-mental eh? Privately Posh and Co. show ’em how to pull a profit.

Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Dark this morning for the two-wheeled five or six miles but warm with gusting wind and right now it’s raining. Such is our winter solstice.
On the ‘fun’ front auntie is to cut £35,000,000.00p from its sports budget. Erm, that’s a cut – not the budget! And basket-case Spain’s lottery prizes, this draw, are £1,600,000,000.00p. Meanwhile here in ‘affluent’ UK folk have £40,000,000,000.00p on credit-cards. All those noughts, in today’s news, put OAPension well into context!
Watched old Tom Cruise War of The Worlds film last night. Interesting effects etc. but how those tripods walk, lifting one of those three legs, isn’t feasible. They’d fall over. And those Martian hands/fingers wouldn’t be much good at making things like machines. You need hands/fingers like ours which have evolved to do such jobs. But the book this film derives from was written years ago and Earth’s bacteria, finally defeating non-resistant Martians, was an original, ahead of its time, scenario.