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Sunday 31st January 2016.

Solid rain this morning, and, apparently, a photographer from Bury Times may arrive to snap Ed on his uni’ for the paper. Tomorrow a reporter may telephone to ask him a few questions etc. (Knock on door!? Yes, really! Ed’s riding up and down street being snapped! All okay I think.)

Saturday 30th January 2016.

Arctic weather this morning with strong icy winds and biting hail, rain and snow. Looking toward Bury from Daisyfield Viaduct a rainbow could just about be seen. Following the arc (rainbow’s end) to where I was standing … pic two.
But from there it was a freezing, snowy ride, wind against, uphill, back to Radcliffe with the ‘pot of gold’?

Friday 29th January 2016.

Dull, windy, and, minutes after photo’ taken, pouring-down, for this morning’s out and about. Heavy rain, going up Bolton Road, similar to Snake Road uphills many years ago in The Peaks. Nice! Coming home soaked does give those indoors a laff or two.
The old Riverside School has a new sign board, but is again, a school. A ‘Special’ one?
Watched a better Death in Paradise last night and although contrived and tight, fit the hour soap and advert-free. Watch-able Sea-Island locations, with Land Rover and motor-cycle combination, a change from streets and/or back alleys of New York and/or London.
Beeb still reeling from further non-govern-mental funding of over seventy-five’s licences. Aunty will appear nasty if she stops ’em – skint if she doesn’t. Funding is always iffy – one day, inevitably, it stops.

Thursday 28th January 2016.

Cooler today but a dry run earlier. Bike routes are good but there’s an increasing number of erm, ‘excitable’ dogs being walked around them. Don’t mind dogs in the main, but, with some, leads, even muzzles, are good.
Murders were around Midsomer again last night and ‘tecs flapped about in Volvo’s all over the place. What Midsomer really needs is a Marriage Guidance/Family Planning Counsellor. Then again there were bikes. Some tasty. But, by the end of it all, after near two hours of meaningless, complicated, soap, you’ve already lost any plot! Such occurs when you feature ‘poor’ killers, rather than (as in Endeavour/Castle) Detective(s). The same happened with an old (?) Marple later. It featured a nasty killer. The Detective, Miss Marple (good actresses always!), reduced to face-pulling by-stander.

Wednesday 27th January 2016.

Rainy and windy this morning and out and about shortened.
Apparently, according to Columbia Uni’ scientists, (msm today) if you give-up driving as a pensioner your ‘cognitive skills’ suffer greatly and you can become ‘easily depressed’. Really? It’s probably true but may be, in many cases, (like mine?) offset by no more traffic-jams, parking problems, pot-hole damage, tax, insurance and mot repair scams, not to mention buying and selling cars – oft on expensive ‘finance’. Then there’s the keep-fit aspect of walking (or cycling) everywhere and/or running for ‘free!’ buses.
(One bike here needs a new rear drive cassette. One will be bought, the old removed, the new fitted, with special tools. How’s that for ‘cognitive skills’?)
Watched new Castle last night and although a vague, complex plot still a glossy forty minutes of high (US) fashion and detection (an hour with advert time).
Met a fellow OAP steam-train-engine fan this morning. He’s been up Bury South watching ’em – indeed been on them. He might like this pic from last August – that sunny day!

Tuesday 26th January 2016.

Colder, windy and, right now, heavy rain. The tail-end of Jonas? Probably. But a good out and about earlier despite Jonas. Building at Daisyfield going-on but the high stuff not – too windy? Quite understandable. Pic taken today.
Dino eggs – excellent! Possibilities must cover (postulated) facts. Embryo’s within falling ‘soft’ eggs may have been damaged, even killed, by the fall. Some may have been trampled. But a 70 tonne animal nest-building?
Jurassic Park’s 1 and 3 do have clues. But those dino’s, in the main, were much later versions.
Final episode of the Egypt programmes on the beeb last night. Good, generally accepted, history of Egypt. The huge, 60 tonne ‘bull sarcophagii’ were quickly looked at and skimmed away from though. Perfectly formed, diamond-hard black-granite ‘boxes’ in underground caverns, another great historical puzzle. Thankfully real archaeo-detectives, e.g. Robert Temple, don’t shy away, rather, shed light onto, such in-front-of-your-eyes impossibilities!
Not sure about the beeb luvvies panel show later where similarly named folk are (usually) ridiculed. Last night the name was ‘Jo’ and one ridiculed (?) as a result, was J.K.Rowling.

Monday 25th January 2016.

Dull but warm again for the early out and about. But watch-out, the tail-end of Jonas will cross pond to UK soon.
In MSM famous, well-heeled folk (actresses etc.) tell over 75’s to ‘give-up free TV licences’. Meanwhile Dr. Who scribe Moffat quits and Broadchurch writer takes his place. So Broadchurch will be Dr. Who – same actor in it – in fact nearly all beeb ‘things’ are Dr. Who! Except Attenborough who took just an hour to explain the biggest dinosaur ever last night. Awesome stuff. Massive animals like these laid hard-shelled eggs, some, as Attenborough mentioned, laid in rotted leaf ‘nests’. But how were hard-shelled eggs not smashed when falling from fifteen feet in the air when laid? Or when these huge creatures wandered between ‘nests’ at nesting sites? This ‘problem’ has been mentioned several times, over the years, in dino’ tv programmes.
But here’s a point about tv licences: If a licence is (say) £100 and there are 1,000 over 75’s getting a freebie, then that’s £100,000 cost. But if licences cost £0 then there’d be no cost at all.
That’s tv licences sorted, now, the dino’ eggs …
On ITV Endeavour series ended with a bang – or two. Good, edge of seat stuff (at last!) as Endeavour had a go at a violent gang of thugs. No nonsense stuff for a full two hours (less adverts). Good, if not great, series. The ‘Morse’ character develops well. Thursday ace as usual.
Swans at wharf this affy.

Sunday 24th January 2016.

Dull and drizzly but not cold. Quite a few out biking. Dry bearing noises from bike yesterday so all moving drive bits oiled. Quiet again today – tightened bottom-bracket cup a few mill. Gear jockeys, if dry/muddy, can be noisy. They’re only plastic/nylon over steel so oil helps – washing-up liquid in emergencies. Pic from December.
Two feet of snow in New York – Jonas.
Watched Tom Cruise/Olga Kuryenko in Oblivion last night. Good film, effects, but, as ever, plot is weak. He’s doing another Jack Reacher film and although poorly cast in the role, the last was okay – keep to the original Lee Child story! These are good, but after half a dozen get a bit ‘samey’.
Earlier James Nesbit played The Lucky Man, a comic character from Stan Lee. (he was in it) More than a touch of James Bond spoofing but action rather than talking-heads was appreciated – TV is a visual medium! Might be a good story in there too – it’s a serial – just hoping it doesn’t go soapy later.
There was an advert for another jungle survival show too. You know, where they catch and eat creepy-crawlies and lizards and all that. Look, this is fine, but around here, in summer, there’s Giant Hogweed. Try traipsing around in that and you’re hospital-fodder, food or no!

Saturday 23rd January 2016.

Sunny and windless this morning so an easy run – plenty of folk out on two wheels too. Pic, taken November, is of the path behind Railway Terrace at Daisyfield – it’s clear of undergrowth now and easy to walk/ride.
Watched another episode of Shetland last night and the (supposed) baddie (Dumbledore’s brother!) got no further! Six episodes to this saga so it’ll be a complex, intertwined, unfathomable plot at the finish – which may fizzle-out as so many beeb plots do. (It keeps ex-Dr. Who and Primeval folk busy) Plenty of coppers on this remote rock too – mind you, fiction’s like that.
They’re giving Dr. Who a rest too. Not before time – well fizzled out!

Friday 22nd January 2016.

Heavy rain prevents early out and abouting but it may clear later. Pic is from December, a few days before local floods.
On the fun front new pension taxation is frightening – while The Cayman Islands have more companies registered than inhabitants! Nuff said eh? It’s no wonder Mr. Cumberbatch wants £3,000.00p for a personal appearance – he might clear a tenner out of that!
Watched Murder in Paradise last night and it’s getting a bit tedious plot-wise – villains going to extraordinary lengths to bump folk off – yet Honore coppers always figure it out. You’d think the killers would have learned a lesson by now. Perhaps having the same script format, then just tweaking variables each week, is a beeb thing. A good point is – no adverts.
Dull and wet but an Elton Res. ride later: