Friday 22nd January 2016.

Heavy rain prevents early out and abouting but it may clear later. Pic is from December, a few days before local floods.
On the fun front new pension taxation is frightening – while The Cayman Islands have more companies registered than inhabitants! Nuff said eh? It’s no wonder Mr. Cumberbatch wants £3,000.00p for a personal appearance – he might clear a tenner out of that!
Watched Murder in Paradise last night and it’s getting a bit tedious plot-wise – villains going to extraordinary lengths to bump folk off – yet Honore coppers always figure it out. You’d think the killers would have learned a lesson by now. Perhaps having the same script format, then just tweaking variables each week, is a beeb thing. A good point is – no adverts.
Dull and wet but an Elton Res. ride later:

4 thoughts on “Friday 22nd January 2016.

  1. dot

    Read up all j m he’s addictive. Once I start reading can’t stop . Would make a good tv series. Don’t put anymore on till tomorrow.need to rest my eyes ?.
    Res looks as bleak as here roll on summer ?


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