Sunday 24th January 2016.

Dull and drizzly but not cold. Quite a few out biking. Dry bearing noises from bike yesterday so all moving drive bits oiled. Quiet again today – tightened bottom-bracket cup a few mill. Gear jockeys, if dry/muddy, can be noisy. They’re only plastic/nylon over steel so oil helps – washing-up liquid in emergencies. Pic from December.
Two feet of snow in New York – Jonas.
Watched Tom Cruise/Olga Kuryenko in Oblivion last night. Good film, effects, but, as ever, plot is weak. He’s doing another Jack Reacher film and although poorly cast in the role, the last was okay – keep to the original Lee Child story! These are good, but after half a dozen get a bit ‘samey’.
Earlier James Nesbit played The Lucky Man, a comic character from Stan Lee. (he was in it) More than a touch of James Bond spoofing but action rather than talking-heads was appreciated – TV is a visual medium! Might be a good story in there too – it’s a serial – just hoping it doesn’t go soapy later.
There was an advert for another jungle survival show too. You know, where they catch and eat creepy-crawlies and lizards and all that. Look, this is fine, but around here, in summer, there’s Giant Hogweed. Try traipsing around in that and you’re hospital-fodder, food or no!

3 thoughts on “Sunday 24th January 2016.

  1. dot

    There’s a show on the been 6 30 Attenborough &the giant dinosaur might see a bit of hogweed in that . Finished jm brill. Eagerly waiting the next one.


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