Monday 25th January 2016.

Dull but warm again for the early out and about. But watch-out, the tail-end of Jonas will cross pond to UK soon.
In MSM famous, well-heeled folk (actresses etc.) tell over 75’s to ‘give-up free TV licences’. Meanwhile Dr. Who scribe Moffat quits and Broadchurch writer takes his place. So Broadchurch will be Dr. Who – same actor in it – in fact nearly all beeb ‘things’ are Dr. Who! Except Attenborough who took just an hour to explain the biggest dinosaur ever last night. Awesome stuff. Massive animals like these laid hard-shelled eggs, some, as Attenborough mentioned, laid in rotted leaf ‘nests’. But how were hard-shelled eggs not smashed when falling from fifteen feet in the air when laid? Or when these huge creatures wandered between ‘nests’ at nesting sites? This ‘problem’ has been mentioned several times, over the years, in dino’ tv programmes.
But here’s a point about tv licences: If a licence is (say) £100 and there are 1,000 over 75’s getting a freebie, then that’s £100,000 cost. But if licences cost £0 then there’d be no cost at all.
That’s tv licences sorted, now, the dino’ eggs …
On ITV Endeavour series ended with a bang – or two. Good, edge of seat stuff (at last!) as Endeavour had a go at a violent gang of thugs. No nonsense stuff for a full two hours (less adverts). Good, if not great, series. The ‘Morse’ character develops well. Thursday ace as usual.
Swans at wharf this affy.

3 thoughts on “Monday 25th January 2016.

  1. dot

    Think Jonas has just arrived throwing it down. Dinosaur was good.perhaps the eggs were soft when laid and hardened later . Not seen endeavour watch it tonight without adverts.

  2. dot

    Perhaps a lot did get trodden on and squashed. We don’t know how many actually hatched . They did become extinct. Only the 7 lots of bones have been found.


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