Tuesday 26th January 2016.

Colder, windy and, right now, heavy rain. The tail-end of Jonas? Probably. But a good out and about earlier despite Jonas. Building at Daisyfield going-on but the high stuff not – too windy? Quite understandable. Pic taken today.
Dino eggs – excellent! Possibilities must cover (postulated) facts. Embryo’s within falling ‘soft’ eggs may have been damaged, even killed, by the fall. Some may have been trampled. But a 70 tonne animal nest-building?
Jurassic Park’s 1 and 3 do have clues. But those dino’s, in the main, were much later versions.
Final episode of the Egypt programmes on the beeb last night. Good, generally accepted, history of Egypt. The huge, 60 tonne ‘bull sarcophagii’ were quickly looked at and skimmed away from though. Perfectly formed, diamond-hard black-granite ‘boxes’ in underground caverns, another great historical puzzle. Thankfully real archaeo-detectives, e.g. Robert Temple, don’t shy away, rather, shed light onto, such in-front-of-your-eyes impossibilities!
Not sure about the beeb luvvies panel show later where similarly named folk are (usually) ridiculed. Last night the name was ‘Jo’ and one ridiculed (?) as a result, was J.K.Rowling.

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