Wednesday 27th January 2016.

Rainy and windy this morning and out and about shortened.
Apparently, according to Columbia Uni’ scientists, (msm today) if you give-up driving as a pensioner your ‘cognitive skills’ suffer greatly and you can become ‘easily depressed’. Really? It’s probably true but may be, in many cases, (like mine?) offset by no more traffic-jams, parking problems, pot-hole damage, tax, insurance and mot repair scams, not to mention buying and selling cars – oft on expensive ‘finance’. Then there’s the keep-fit aspect of walking (or cycling) everywhere and/or running for ‘free!’ buses.
(One bike here needs a new rear drive cassette. One will be bought, the old removed, the new fitted, with special tools. How’s that for ‘cognitive skills’?)
Watched new Castle last night and although a vague, complex plot still a glossy forty minutes of high (US) fashion and detection (an hour with advert time).
Met a fellow OAP steam-train-engine fan this morning. He’s been up Bury South watching ’em – indeed been on them. He might like this pic from last August – that sunny day!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday 27th January 2016.

  1. dot

    There’s talk of re testing over70s every 3 years. Probably have to pay for it to. Bus ? pass is for me. Watch Midsomer tonight you might see a few bike’s.


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