Thursday 28th January 2016.

Cooler today but a dry run earlier. Bike routes are good but there’s an increasing number of erm, ‘excitable’ dogs being walked around them. Don’t mind dogs in the main, but, with some, leads, even muzzles, are good.
Murders were around Midsomer again last night and ‘tecs flapped about in Volvo’s all over the place. What Midsomer really needs is a Marriage Guidance/Family Planning Counsellor. Then again there were bikes. Some tasty. But, by the end of it all, after near two hours of meaningless, complicated, soap, you’ve already lost any plot! Such occurs when you feature ‘poor’ killers, rather than (as in Endeavour/Castle) Detective(s). The same happened with an old (?) Marple later. It featured a nasty killer. The Detective, Miss Marple (good actresses always!), reduced to face-pulling by-stander.

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