Friday 29th January 2016.

Dull, windy, and, minutes after photo’ taken, pouring-down, for this morning’s out and about. Heavy rain, going up Bolton Road, similar to Snake Road uphills many years ago in The Peaks. Nice! Coming home soaked does give those indoors a laff or two.
The old Riverside School has a new sign board, but is again, a school. A ‘Special’ one?
Watched a better Death in Paradise last night and although contrived and tight, fit the hour soap and advert-free. Watch-able Sea-Island locations, with Land Rover and motor-cycle combination, a change from streets and/or back alleys of New York and/or London.
Beeb still reeling from further non-govern-mental funding of over seventy-five’s licences. Aunty will appear nasty if she stops ’em – skint if she doesn’t. Funding is always iffy – one day, inevitably, it stops.

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