Monthly Archives: January 2016

Thursday 21st January 2016.

White frost early-on and two wheels postponed. Pic is of cormorants at Elton Res. from November.
For folk reading: Shoestring Fiction is just under 100,000 words long (in two parts) and is, really, Murder Divined 5 with a ‘Castle’ slant. Murder Divined 1 and 2 are ‘short-stories’ of 20,000 to 30,000 words each – as are M.D. 3 (Manchester Murders) & 4.
Watched an old Agatha Christie ‘remake’ last night and got the baddies but not the clues – the acting gave some of it away. N.T. Awards – any ‘awards’ show – never appeals.
Govern-mental pension taxation gets ever-more nasty. Why bother? Many will ask.

Wednesday 20th January 2016.

Spring-like this morning so an easy five or six miles around Radcliffe/Bury. Muddy with rotting leaves around Daisyfield (pictured) but not a problem. ‘Video’s’ at youtube about Prestolee canal restorations (Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec. 2015) are good but show a presenter’s talking head rather than canal pics. Not sure if the eventual aim is water in canal or just a kind of ‘park’. The locks, at Prestolee, are something else – well done volunteers, and the opened-up bridge looks like new after a voluntary pressure-washing. ‘In Water’ would be great, up to a dam before the breach. (one or two volunteer youtube Radcliffe Canal video’s and my pics of entire canal at OOPART )
Egypt was called KMT by vowel-less KMT – ians. To pronounce it we say, ‘Kemet’ or ‘Kemit’. Another name was MSR (MISR) – land of Ptah, a god. This is still used occasionally. Beeb ‘Ancient Egypt’ varies slightly (?) from other versions as it is/was controlled by global-warming and no licence-fees.
Watched new Castle last night and Alexis (Molly Quinn) is stealing the show. Castle is told he’s ‘old’ a few times but he and Becket solve a case while she is involved in another. Good soap-less cops and killers.

Tuesday 19th January 2016.

Cold with a bit of drizzle this morning but nowhere near the Arctic blast forecast by some. A neat bit of tree-trimming along the way, but that route, a bit further along, just ends. (Pic two)
Watched another episode of the Egypt series on TV with that Professor lady. One of the Ramses Pharaohs, two I think, was prolific builder and had huge statue of himself carved. (Actually two) This was never erected and fell over, breaking into (still there) pieces. They did move it, how is debatable and the whole Ramses Two ‘story’ was by-passed in five to ten seconds, he was simply said to have bankrupted Egypt. The word ‘Egypt’ is Greek. Ancient Egyptians didn’t use Greek, so what was it called?

Monday 18th January 2016.

Snow and ice thawing, most roads clear this morning and a cold but windless out and about around Radcliffe and Bury. After Endeavour, last night, the forested bits of the ride were spooky to say the least! (See below)
Watched a mind-boggling Endeavour last night and only Thursday’s perfect pipe kept the thing this side of potty. Endeavour was stalking a – wait for it – Tiger. (Actually a superb animal!) They (Super’ Bright, turning-out to be something of a Safari-style rifle marksman) shot it at the end in a maze. Thursday looks ill, may be on the way out. Umpteen coppers (and vintage cars!) with Endeavour yet he’s supposed to be a loner. But Strange takes-over as Detective Sergeant after the other copper emigrated last week. It morphed into Midsomer Murders as Endeavour plodded Witham Woods looking for a killer with a station-full of coppers watching helpless.
More OAPension tax changes in the news again. It’s hardly worth bothering lately.

Friday 15th January 2016.

Icy early on and so two-wheels gave way to two feet later and a walk to Bury. Bought a pomero – or was it pomoro at the new shop on the way. Unusual (dinosaur?) fruit but quite okay.
Watched (most of) Death in Paradise last night and it’s still A1 for detection fans. The same format each episode may, to critics, be boringly bad, but viewers are continually on the increase. No soap – none at all – means time for a good plot each episode. Good actors and a ‘seaside holiday’ backdrop with plenty of relevant humour.

Thursday 14th January 2016.

Cold again this morning, especially around Bury. Snow on far hills and around Peel Tower at Holcombe. Traffic heavy – motorway problems?
Watched Jericho last night (recorded) and it was interesting, well filmed with authentic scenes etc. In it Hercules (? oh yes) plays a Victorian detective looking into a suspicious death. It might turn out okay but already soapy themes loom from rather glossy, filtered, computer-game? northern moorland hills – Emmerdale, but less violent? Catchy, folky, background music.

Wednesday 13th January 2016.

Colder this morning, with some hail stones, but okay on two wheels. Care is needed at entrance to Wellington St. Viaduct path as a tree has fallen. It’s not fully blocking route but it is overhanging at head height as you get through gates.
New Castle Part Two last night and they’re still leading the way on TV. It’s getting a little ‘my gun and badge are bigger than yours’ as all US cop shows, but detection is still there – just about – they ‘catch killers’. But now Beckett is Captain and Castle a Private Eye with clever daughter and a brilliant pop-up gun! Hopefully it won’t descend into one US agency uncovering corruption in another – stalemates with pointing guns at every scene. It’s on Tuesdays now too, rather than Wednesdays.
New David Attenborough Dino-Show promised – a massive sauropod found in Argentina, not yet named, bigger than anything so far. He’s good at this stuff, but watch-out for global-warming being responsible for every planet ailment.
Sales were down, last year, for Rolls-Royce cars. (Probs in China for heaven’s sake) Not really a problem and the new Dawn convertible, in that Midnight Blue, looks (almost) as good as the old convertible Corniche. (Shadow design) BMW engines lately, well, the old Rolls V8 was a bit dated. But the Flying Lady is still on a few prestige bonnets all over the globe.
Can you get one with a bike-rack.

Tuesday 12th January 2016.

Cooler but sunny for out and abouting earlier. Irwell water at Warth down a bit to sensible levels. Traffic terrible! Footpaths by Daisyfield clear of shrubs and weeds – much better around there on foot or two wheels. Pic is Withins Bridge (Advert Bridge!) last February. It’s still the same, more or less.