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Monday 29th February 2016.

Sunny and not too cold this morning and an off-road check on the new footpath they’re laying around the muddy side of Elton Reservoir. It’s partially done but there’s a way to go yet. Water’s a bit low today. Buildings, on far bank, are Old Hall Farm, which is also, on the left, in the header pic.
Quiet around the ras this morning.
Ah, The Man from Uncle. Prime-time viewing in sixties when spies were cool. Ilya’s side-kick, Napoleon, is still making films too – good actor. Night Manager recorded, watched White House Down last night.

Sunday 28th February 2016.

O31Cold but sunny again so ideal for a few miles out and about. No rain lately, water-levels are low, as in pic from last October. Apparently Pilsworth Road tarmac/pot-hole state is a nightmare. Many folk out on two wheels though this morning, some on very tasty bikes, which tends to bode well for inner-tube salesmen.
Hogweed, Balsam, Knotweed, three highly invasive plant species yet The Prince of Charlie’s opts to outlaw Ragwort as it ‘poisons’ cattle and livestock. Mmm … around here cattle just don’t eat it. Yet it’s ‘home’ to umpteen Cinnabar Moth caterpillars later in the year – which, in turn, may feed a small hedgerow bird or two.

Legally watched Spectre last night and, as ever, the ‘James Bond’ ongoing collection of stunts and movie ‘firsts’ carries-on well. There was even a slight plot with this film amid the running about and car-wrecking and the main explosion was, I’ve read somewhere, the biggest real explosion in a film ever. Nice touch was the 1948 Roll-Royce trundling majestically through desert sand to pick-up Bond and ‘the girl’. The later torture scenes were silly – why would Blofeld have such a costly chair and equipment? Silly. His huge paid killer was correct and should have had a bigger part. But hey ho, this is Bond 2016 not the real one!
Interestingly, the tall but (at the moment) slightly built Loki (a possible future Bond?) would have had real problems with Blofeld’s paid killer – who was finally sorted by a drink problem in this film.

Saturday 27th February 2016.

d26No frost but still cold around Radcliffe/Bury this morning. Pic is from last December.

Watched latest Lucky Man last night (recorded?) and another good episode without undue waffle. Then, an episode of NCIS, normally regarded as talking-head boring lately, was actually quite watch-able with Mark Harmon in action with a rifle against nasty baddies. Ilya Kuryakin is in this – remember him?

On the fun front; you’ve really got to watch-out for pot-holes and craters on the roads lately, some are huge. But, in January there was a govern-mental Β£ surplus. Sadly those govern-mental smoothly slid themselves another pay-rise so the tarmac is probably on hold!

Friday 26th February 2016.

f18No frost this morning so ideal for two wheels and a few local miles. Pic taken yesterday of tunnel under Daisyfield Viaduct. In msm there’s much about the re-furbished Flying Scotsman, with some great pictures, doing the London to York run. Now back to green it does look good – and, at the price, makes hs2 seem a costly joke. While trundling over the level-crossing by the repair sheds that actually did the work on The Scotsman, noticed the familiar (BR) maroon logo on the gates but with ‘East Lancashire Railways’ printed across it. Funded yes, but unlike hs2, voluntarily.

Watched Death in Paradise last night and it’s so bad that it’s quite good! You can have a go at ‘detection’ with all the clues shown during the show and a touch of comedy and soap here and there to stitch the scenes together. The ‘modus’, last night, was a tricky one but quite plausible. Was sent to sleep, halfway through, by Elementary – sound isn’t good when he’s jabbering on.

Thursday 25th February 2016.

Sunny but cold again this morning which was okay weather for a short movie-clip at Daisyfield Viaduct, Bury. Normally this is overgrown with jungle but they’ve cleared some of it to reveal paths and tunnels around and under the ex-railway viaduct – you don’t, at the moment, need a machete to get through the Hogweed and Balsam plants!
They’ve put that new-car advert back on TV where a mountain-road car-driving daughter picks-up her struggling uphill bike-shoving dad in her ‘new’ car. This is bad cycling. A good cyclist will ride to the other end of that uphill mountain road and ride down it! Winnats Pass will never be the same – I mean, why ride up it?

Watched The Night Manager last night (recorded) and it’s shaping-up to be James Bond aka Le Carre. Loki is (so far) well-suited to the role and he is, we’re told, ex-Army – so he can, probably, fight if need be. House is the baddie so another first? Just hope Le Carre stuff isn’t too hackneyed for today’s TV. A good first episode all round.
Loki as Bond? There’s already speculation about this in msm and yes, he’s spot-on ‘visually’. The problem with recent Bonds is weak plots. Original is good.

Wednesday 24th February 2016.

f16Plenty of sun again but it’s colder with icy patches about. Pic taken yesterday at Radcliffe Wharf – similar today. Some very deep, loose-cobbled (yes, the cobbles below are loose!) pot-holes along the bike-lanes of several local roads. These could damage a car let alone a bike – take care out there.
Still more eu battling on the fun front. Chancelot is after pension tax-relief to part fund it all. As it gets closer to the vote day colour-coding might be introduced – e.g. INS might be Green OUTS might be Red – they like to make these potty things pleb-friendly and ‘fun’, but there’s nothing ‘fun’ about eu vat rules.

Ages ago watched Thor and Loki battle it out in some superhero film which was pretty good. Well, good news is Loki is in a new tv show – The Night Manager – and folk are tipping him for next James Bond.(I mentioned this at superhero film time as he looks Bondish physically.) Not seen Night Manager yet but it’s recorded ready.(and on iPlayer at beeb) Watched new Castle last night – they just about kept it Cop – and then (recorded) Lucky Man which has turned-out (mainly) soap-free and interesting for five episodes so far – the next may be the last? (Bald baddie in Lucky Man is a good Jack Reacher.)
Quantico first episode may be blockbusting, but then it’ll fizzle into a never-ending soap – like Lost, The Dome and umpteen others.
Sherlock tonight (?) and doubtless auntie will again attempt to show Mr. Holmes as a public rather than (very!) Private, Detective. (“My fees are on a fixed scale Watson, I never vary them!” He couldn’t say that these days – inflation would kill him!)

Snowing outside.

Tuesday 23rd February 2016.

f15Heavy white frost but bright sunshine this morning and one of the wharf swans spotted. Not seen ’em for a few days. It’s not a good photo’ as the swan, as soon as I neared the tow-path, came toward it after food. Really this isn’t good. But hey ho, better a few tame swans than none and it’s Canada Geese numbers that are the real problem.
f17Up at Daisyfield the crane at the building-site is massive. I mean, how high are they going to go? No clouds eh?
Road surfaces, along the 5-6 mile out and about route, are terrible. Pot-holes, (big ones) blocked sunken grids and loose gravel everywhere, are just three problem areas. Yet those govern-mental are faux-fighting over costly eu membership – which shouldn’t even be contemplated while one pot-hole exists.

Watched (wait for it) The X-Files last night. Mulder was chasing a man in a lizard suit (it zipped up the back). Meanwhile an animal warden was killing folk. There was a twist and it was highly watch-able and it is The X-Files so they can get away with it. But they desperately need a new ‘Roswell’ or something and, we all now know, there just isn’t one …
… is there?
Mmm … the spoof is out there.

Monday 22nd February 2016.

j13Very sunny but windy and cold this morning for the out and about, but nothing extra-ordinary weather-wise. Can’t, therefore, understand the antics of the ‘new’ Top-Gear squad – dressed in fur-coats and full yellow-plastic rain-coats and sou’westers – around and in Blackpool, which isn’t far away.
On the fun front those govern-mental are pulling all stops to drum-up interest in all this (very costly for tax-payers) eu stuff in the MSM. Natch some polis say ‘In’ some say ‘Out’. It’s a variation on the coloured (to make it peasant-friendly simple!) sheep-pen idea at general-elections. Meanwhile, quietly and out of the immediate spotlight, Chancelot susses-out another mega-Β£billion tax-raid, this one against O.A.P’s. Result of all this blether? Β£value sinks like a stone – as ever.

Watched a very complicated Vera last night. Murder (was it?) arsen, people-smuggling, ciggie-smuggling which dragged everything-out for a full two hours. I hoped for an ending after the first hour, but no, on it went, with socio-dysfunctional problem after socio-dysfunctional problem. These folk don’t need coppers, they need a good ‘Self-Help’ manual and/or a straight-talking marriage-guidance counsellor. Actors good. But lighten-up a bit – as when Vera was given a boat-ride by that elderly actor who’s in everything.

Sunday 21st February 2016.

f14Rain eased allowing an out and about earlier and deserted Radcliffe was windy and bleak, while two-wheeling the road by ‘the Sunday morning sidewalk’.* A little less pond-water along canal farm fields and Irwell at Warth is about average, even after non-stop rain yesterday.
MD6 is two short (humorous) ‘cases’. They need a unifying bigger one now and that’s what takes the time.

Saturday night tv is abysmal; an old ‘Mummy’ film – the Chinese one – was watched. Hero’s voice very peculiar (as was much of the film – there were comedic Yeti in it!) but at least it is an action film with one or two good actors and impressive effects. After that watched youtube lecture by Sven Paabo on Neandertal and Denisovan DNA researches. (Indicating, surely, just how bad Saturday night TV is!)

* From ‘Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down’ by Kris Kristoferson.

Saturday 20th February 2016.

n1Windy with heavy rain here this morning and so I’m not (yet) allowed out with bike, on public roads. Radcliffe is a bit like its pic, from last November, shown today.

‘Big’ msm news today is all the eu claptrap about in or out. In any other sales area that kind of stuff is called ‘hype’ – activating the customer-base. Bottom-line to all this is a weekly Β£350,000,000.00p bill – something Mr and Mrs Average don’t need. (and, perhaps, paid only by those that want in!) But, mustn’t freely publicise or problem-solve for these misguided folk.

Watched Shetland episode 5 out of 6 last night and it’s still quite reasonable; Primeval actor (dunno his name) is quite good as is his young lady side-kick ‘Tosh’. Story follows detectives not the socio-dysfunctional sob-stories of the villains – one here a real nut-job superbly played by James Cosmo. Last episode next week – let’s hope it doesn’t fizzle into a non-ending ready for series two – baddies must have crap kicked out of ’em by detectives (‘specially Tosh) and get banged-up, or, of course, bumped-off. Series Two (?) must have new baddies. Nitty-gritty, twee-free change from all the glossy US TV cop soap fashion shows.