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Thursday 31st March 2016.

Warm sun this morning so an easy, windless ride around Radcliffe/Bury. Road-up, temporary lights, Bolton Road, is bad – take care!
On the fun front eu and other regulative rules/taxation render viable UK steel production impossible. Presently the three mile long south Wales steel plant makes steel for – 1p and 2p UK coins. Even making money makes a loss! Hilarious but for about 40,000 UK jobs at risk. For details read Atlas Shrugged.
Watched Grantchester last night and it’s evolving into a soapy serial rather than soapy series. But last night’s actually gripping episode had to include a hanging for murder – run of mill sentence for murder in the fifties – which totally removed rose-tinted camera filters (at last!) from a fifties, bike, Woodbine and trouser turn-up, show. This weeks murder, a simple affair, took a back seat to be resurrected next?
Will Mr. Bean’s Maigret eventually feature a guillotining?

Wednesday 30th March 2016.

Sunny with showers this morning and out and abouting was cold – good on two wheels. A two to three mile walk, yesterday afternoon, revealed swans and a heron at Radcliffe wharf. Pic one, today, is of that heron. I think you can just make it out … wildlife J-pegging is up to usual standard! Should have posted this yesterday but used that alien Maigret pic instead.
Got as far as building-site Bury this morning and over it gloomy black clouds.(Pic two)
Turn around to rural Radcliffe and apart from a pylon or two the sun shone over age-old, probably Neolithic, possibly Palaeolithic! timeless spring greenery. (Bury spend little this side of border)(Pic three)
Luckily rain held-off for the return ride along Bolton Road where there are temporary traffic-lights roughly opposite Mile Lane.
Watched new castle last night, still entertaining and original as he sat cursing his tabled laptop flashing cursor on a clean, new, story-less Word page. Know the feeling yet that part is the easy bit. It’s the hours and hours of thinking required, for filling each page, that’s the hard bit.

Tuesday 29th March 2016.

Pic today – has been removed – normally wouldn’t use material from any other source (unpaid!) but that pic proves a point. Watched Maigret, which, featuring great Rowan Atkinson, was generally okay and he did resemble and portray Simenon’s laid-back character well. Other cast also good. Sadly shows billed as ‘detective’ always fall short when the detective becomes more of a (dramatic) psychologist rather than a (logical) policeman – as occurred here. A huge technical point is that a real pipe-smoker wouldn’t rack his pipes as in the photograph, while a similar rack, pictured at his home, was correctly stacked. Oh dear! It just kills the effect doesn’t it? (Why? Mmm … detection not psychology!) The story is an old one, reasonable for tv when all things ‘fifties’ are trendy, but far too long – two (mundane, nondescript) hours.
Also I read in msm that Bond wannabe Hiddleston ordered a vodka martini in final Night Manager. Anywhere else that could be construed as plagiarism – but I’ll shift pic above asap, not as an attribution thing, but because I’m not paid to ad. anything itv!

Monday 28th March 2016.

Stormy one minute, sunny the next. At the moment it’s sunny and stormy. Six miles or so on the bike has been postponed as it might be detri-mental to good health.
But when you’ve a keyboard and blank page all sorts of things are possible!

Sunday 27th March 2016.

Happy Easter Sunday! Daffs are flowering, there’s a bit of sun and there are bikes!
Saw a small crowd of folk by Radcliffe ‘stables’ near Warth this morning and stopped. They were looking at ten-month old foal while three other larger horses munched hay nearby. Luckily horse owner was present, didn’t mind pics being taken, and hopes, as foal gets older, that he’ll give local kids rides.
Horse in second pic is big and makes short work of carrots! Horses aren’t rare, but it’s not often you can see one or two close-up.
Horse rides fine – but even getting ‘hands-on’ for ten minutes is awesome – whatever your age! Good luck ladies!
Watched Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy The Heat film last night – not much else on – not a fan of US (silly?) humour but this was funny start to finish – not a bad plot/story either.
Not watched it but Night Manager looks set (as expected) for second series. Le Carre’s a wannabe Fleming – not bad but a bit long-winded. Good fledgling Bond there though. Very good. Really good. Perf … well …

Saturday 26th March 2016.

A cold wind with drizzle this morning but reasonable for two-wheeling although very few out and about Radcliffe streets. Took riverside path by Irwell at Bury and already Giant Hogweeds are sprouting along what should be Bluebell planted, under-tree banks. A seedling Hogweed pic on this season’s Hogweed Watch page and, after December’s Irwell floods, dodgy plants might arise anywhere.
In msm J.K. Rowling reveals she got several publisher rejection letters for her first post-Potter novel as ‘Robert Galbraith’. One publisher told her that ‘a writing class might help’.
And, upon hearing of negative reviews for the flop Batman V Superman, Batman was in tears – well, they’re both a far cry from greats Adam West and Christopher Reeve.
Watched final Lucky Man episode last night and, as expected, the baddie slipped away ready for the next series. Plenty of unanswered questions for series two and so long as they keep it tight and with action rather than talking-heads it’ll be okay. Good actors. Good action. Good original story.
Recent ‘upgrades’ to a back yard have uncovered an olde Anglo-Saxon object.(Pic two) Get in touch if you know what it is.

Friday 25th March 2016.

Sunny and warm for the out and about earlier and a pic of the old factory ‘goyt’ at Warth that diverted Irwell water to Radcliffe factories and mills. On the left, behind the trees, (and dormant Hogweed seeds) is a posh Garden Centre.
Saw, from atop Wellington St. viaduct, distant smoke plume and rode back to watch a steamer pick-up its carriages from a siding at Bury South. Seen this one several times but it’s still awesome to watch these things move about.
Mmm … Murder on The East Lancs Express … ? Gotta be a story there eh?
Watched Line of Duty last night (as advised) and despite one or two very minor filming probs episode one of third series promises well with good, no nonsense, fast-moving, story-telling. Main character is hated but highly watchable and plot could lead anywhere as yet. Ott action (for UK at least) but this is only TV out to entertain. (at last!) Good one.
Sherlock Holmes, Elementary later, mumbles so much he’s not audible. Charley’s Angel with him is okay – so it’s him. It spoils a reasonable show – no boring daddy either last night.
In msm TV gardener suggests letting garden go wild to attract wildlife. This is good yes, but many landlords, councils, even next-door neighbours, soon get on your back if grass is long and trees encroach them.
Luckily okay here and stagnant garden pond is full of frogs, spawn and beetles – even a newt I think. If only frogs were photogenic!

Thursday 24th March 2016.

It looked okay outside this morning for an out and about but was, in fact, pouring down as tyres touched tarmac. Nipped back in sharpish. New bulbs’ll like it.
Today’s erm, Therapy Video, is of deep Irwell water at Warth Weir.
Underwater filming, harder than it might seem, is still being tested. Sadly umpteen wild amphibians simply refuse to act on cue; as soon as camera is placed they disappear and only return when camera is removed. Doh.
As predicted ages ago ISA’s, for OAP’s (in fact anyone), are officially a money-loser due to inflation – which, despite what is reported, is rampant.
That ‘Line-Rental’ is under scrutiny and may be abolished is far better news – it’s nearly £20.00p per month lately and more or less a tax.
Over 500,000 folk have opted to switch a portion of tax-allowance to a higher-earning partner. It saves about £200.00 per year and is quickly adjusted by HMRC. Do it now (easy online at HMRC ‘site) to get a rebate for the past year – very handy cash!
Nothing (major) watched last night. Public demand deems vibes, duffel-coat and staff are (again) resurrected to solve fictional (thank heavens!) crime – this time a pro’ war-time killer haunts northern bike-routes. (!?)

Wednesday 23rd March 2016.

Dull again but dry for the early ride out. Recent pothole filling locally is especially good for those on two wheels – many this morning along roads and on routes. Deep potholes can easily ruin expensive bikes and indeed cheapo cars. And, on the subject of cars, I’m wisely told by a pro’ car person that electric cars or petrol/electric hybrids will have to have ‘noise’ fitted when using virtually silent electric-mode – under 30 mph – on our roads. Apparently a about two tons of silent, massive, MPV or 4WD is off the scale danger-wise for pedestrians. Over 30 mph there is tyre ‘road noise’ to alert folk that a vehicle approaches. Better though first to get pedestrians to unplug earphones eh?
The price of four-wheels ever escalates!
Pic above was taken a few days ago along Radcliffe Canal. It features a transport mode that was edible when its working days were done! Sadly you do have to feed it half an acre of grass per day – which it self-manures.
So, at the end of the day, a simple old bike still beats the lot for cost-effective everyday (works!) transport. And here Ed The Famous has halved even that cost!
Watched recommended ‘Thirteen’ episodes on iPlayer – final one is yet to come – and it is, as expected, a tale of sad urban dysfunctionality that beeb deems everyday life is like. But a gripping story slowly drags-out to what should be a great final episode – if beeb allows it. Many similar series fizzle to a soapy second-series promoting anti-climax so loved by arty-farty funded beeb. As ever though ‘quality’ is good – acting, settings, and you can hear the lines okay – but it all rests on that final episode …
New Castle was a weird one where a (loaded?) perp sets-up (expensive?) death-traps for Castle and Becket. Sussing him out took minutes but the story still unfolded till the last few scenes.
Old X-Files repeat of the ‘Woodland Wild Woman’ still good to watch – Radcliffe Nature Trail will never seem safe again!

Tuesday 22nd March 2016.

Dull and drear around Radcliffe this morning but a few ad hoc potholes have been filled-in making a nice patchwork road effect locally. (Election due?) This is good because a new bike floor-pump ensures tyres are at maximum hardness and every bump is felt.
Fell onto beeb’s QI programme last night and although trendily funny, in parts, they always like to slip-in some lefty political tripe along the way. Shame really, some good ‘gags’ from Stephen and Co.
Beeb is keen on the (cheaply produced?) slow-lane films like The Canal Trip and, I read, one about some remote Scottish island was on and well-viewed last night. Hence the Very Boring Video above which has attracted over three views at YouTube!
Must check-out Thirteen.