Monthly Archives: April 2016

Saturday 30th April 2016.

Rain, hail, snow, sleet, but, apart from par for the course northern Bank Holiday weather, a good ride out and about this morning. Watching Thomas & Co. at Bury South was cool (in more ways than one) and that artic’ cab wasn’t small either!
All this makes the old bike seem really small eh? But despite weather it plods on regardless. But not many similar venturing out today. Yesterday spotted the height of laziness – an electric-bike strapped to a car-bike-rack. How’s that for defeating the object.
Watched ep.1 of new The Secret series last night. Mmm … mundane stuff so far – mind you it was ep.1. It’s a soap so expect: dragged-out until last episode. Unless it turns all original and unexpected …
After that an old recorded X-Files was still watchable with its massive ‘phones and shoulder-pads.

Friday 29th April 2016.

Cold, Christmas Card scenes this morning with a strong icy wind. Off the beaten track Elton Reservoir is low on water (Pics two & three)
Bleak around there, in April snow, but okay for a bike-ride.
The fun front has chaotic ideology problems at the moment, best let ’em sort themselves out one way or the other.
Beeb’s Line of Duty had an original, nail-biting, ending last night. Normally interrogators and the interrogated, sat across a table arguing, make for boring TV. Until last night. Then, as the truth was finally wrung verbally from the baddie (great actor) by the female goodie (great actress), everything went American with hand and machine-guns firing and an original on-foot armed chase around town-centre streets. Far-fetched in UK but good TV which attracts viewers by the million. Another, almost soap-free (at last), story (series) is planned.
Meanwhile, with distant hills wintry white, skiing might be the new May Day Bank Holiday sport.

Thursday 28th April 2016.

Pic taken January ’13 but it was just like that this morning with snow half an inch deep. It didn’t last long, but that’s not the point. So a nippy two-wheeled out and about as April snow finally melted.
On the fun front the average UK student loan debt is £44,000.00p. Something must be worth learning. Perhaps it’s How To Build a Website, as Facebook profits surge to $1,510,000,000.00c – up 200% (Yes, that’s profits not turnover!). There are now 1,650,000,000 users, and I thought everything like this was free … no, ask any UK student (or tax-payer).
Normally, defunct metal objects, like our old oven, disappear magically if strategically placed on garden path visible from road. Mmm … it’s still there after two weeks – steel definitely on the slow-burner.
As expected TV’s soap-free Line of Duty series attracts even more viewers with its no-nonsense, coppers after coppers, approach. Had to forgo Rizolli and Isles, too twee.

Wednesday 27th April 2016.

Sunny again and, so far, not cold. Had everything yesterday; sun, rain, hail, sleet, freezing wind, which is all due to global-warming. Pic, taken last March, is of Bank Top Bridge over Radcliffe Canal.
On the fun front msm reveals that umpteen ‘lower-paid’ workers are below income-tax thresholds. Strangely this is where bulk of voters are (cute eh?). And chancelot warns again of higher taxes if we leave eu. Then again a whisper of 20% eu vat on (UK) food was noticed this morning. Apparently rest of eu has this and rises in rate have been mentioned. Poli’s like vat because it’s collected by Private sector folk.
As predicted various vulture types home-in on Princely us fortunes – not least irs. Shameful.
Watched new Castle last night and a case featuring ‘Aladdin’s Lamp’ was more like Castle of old. Marcella, on Monday night(?), gets evermore complex. So it’ll likely fizzle to nothing for an ending – like (being mentally dysfunctional) she dreamt it all!
12.35 Update – it’s snowing!

Tuesday 26th April 2016.

Watched Robson Green TV programme about Flying Scotsman’s Bury works overhaul (recorded) last night, interesting as Riley’s is on me daily route circuit – quiet there this morning but steamers may be chugging at weekend. Drive wheels on F.S. are 6′ 8″ diameter. Mega! Apparently F.S. will be back at Bury for a few days in October. (Oil-change, windscreen-wipers?)
An old Pack Horse Bridge, featured on Facebook, is Slater’s Bridge at Little Langdale in Cumbria. It’s not far from Skelwith Bridge – Ambleside – and you have to hike a mile or two to get to it. Google Slater’s Bridge – the bridge for slaters: folk carting slate from valley quarries.

Monday 25th April 2016.

Cloudy, cold, with rain threatened anytime – so good for a few miles on two wheels. Pic taken January on Elton Reservoir embankment path, weather then much like today.
In msm poor old J. Clarkson is having problems thinking-up a name for new motoring show – you know, something punchy and hard-hitting. But all the hackneyed stuff is already taken so heaven knows what he’ll end-up with. (Can’t freely advise here) And after breathing noxious, smelly car-fumes by the Town Hall this morning I’m not exactly a raving car fanatic so even Top Gear would be off watch list right now.
Also in news is demise of BHS company with (possible) loss of 11,000 jobs. £1,300,000.00p debt is blamed. Even mighty man of steel Mittal has seen his £worth slashed from billionaire to multi-millionaire status recently. So those running day to day one man bands, cleaning windows or mowing lawns and making £ends meet, are doing very well – as is son who is very busy working for a large company. Sadly he’s in ‘Complaints’.

Sunday 24th April 2016.

Rainy and cold this morning so out and about postponed. But long hike to and around ‘new’ shops – returning laden – yesterday additional keep-fit ‘mileage’. Bearing in mind recent deceased pop-icon’s multi-million $ fortune, left un-willed apparently, goes to a lady sibling under (present) us law; watch-out for ‘old’ or ‘new’ law being ‘uncovered’ diverting such un-willed Private $ to public. Or at least a mega-costly court-case. Just a thought as pres. flies-back sharpish!
Watched documentary about Glen Campbell and his fighting Alzheimer’s Disease last night. Although memory was much lost he still performs (brilliant guitar player) in public and jokes about memory problems. After that a similar (recorded) prog about UK’s Billy Fury. Well, it mainly featured early UK rock & roll acts around when Billy rose to fame. Not bad but it didn’t feature, or even mention, his later, massive record hits, but it did ‘advertise?’ his first 10 inch L.P. of ten home-spun songs – a ‘must have for collectors’ … watch-able but not much original footage of Billy anyway so mostly talking heads.
Strangely a daughter has bought (yes bought?) several J. Cash and Jerry L. Lewis CD’s. Usually she thought them crap! Must let her hear a few Bob tracks to further assist musical rehabilitation!
“Oh the beast in me, is caged by frail and fragile bars …”

Saturday 23rd April 2016.

Sunny and cold today for a two-wheeled out and about and then a walk to Aldi, Lidl, Home Bargains and B&M’s where, if you take your wife, you can run the gauntlet just this side of Bury. (Where B&Q was) It was a bit nippy, with a spot of rain, but these shops are pretty good. Pic taken last March in Bury.
US president is over – checking-out council-houses along Downing Street apparently.
Watched an episode (2 I think) of Harlen Coben’s Five on TV last night.It’s very involved so far and might be a real tangle at the end. Good books don’t always make good TV.

Friday 22nd April 2016.

Sunny again so an easy out and about early on. Pic from February. Another ‘celebrity’ (Prince) dies – possibly from something drug-related. Fame, wealth etc., doesn’t always mean happiness.
Msm article suggests folk are ditching PC’s for tablets and fancy ‘phones. This is good for folk on low fixed incomes, you can pick-up a good PC or space-saving Laptop and all the bits for literally £0.00p. A good ‘clean-up’, a sensible operating system and you’re online with rellies for a few £ a week. Cost-effective computing.

Thursday 21st April 2016.

Sunny again but they’ve forecast winter for weekend. O.A.Pension ‘rise’ should be in this week so might be able to afford a new inner brake cable. The old one’s fine, but all that wealth … and, for some, getting an O.A.Pension rise on your birthday might make you feel like royalty, so Happy Birthday to all O.A.P’s with a birthday today, especially those in draughty old council houses with umpteen hard to heat high-ceilinged rooms, and those surviving long-past cell-die dates just to get free TV licence. (If only one could understand the remote eh?)
On the fun front those govern-mental seem to be letting new laws sprout from Brussels. In msm Castle will be without Beckett (who needs a TV licence anyway?), and weather is fine. So might as well do a longer out and about each day.