Monthly Archives: May 2016

Tuesday 31st May 2016.

Warm and sunny so another ride to Little Lever (and a bit more) with go-pro running. Pic was taken in centre of canal after swimming half way across holding camera out of water. (Yeah, right!) Huge Hogweeds along Irwell in Ladyshore Valley. (Pic on Hogweed page – short video of Ladyshore Road, with some shots of Prestolee Locks, Manchester Canal arm, soon). Canal video Part Two at OOPART – link below Archive list.
Watched new Musketeers episode last night and French King’s palace gardens, with massive lawns, were shown. Mmm … how did they mow those massive lawns? Puzzler eh? Good show though – once again.
A walk to Radcliffe later and 1.50 Reading Glasses are still £1 at Church Street £ shop.
Pic above was taken standing on canal dam.

Monday 30th May 2016.

Quite fine again and so another ride along to Little Lever and Meccano Bridge. (Better day for videoing)
Watched new Top Gear last night and it wasn’t that bad. Joey was okay – just – but Chris Evans tended to shout his way along. Chris Evans, normally a radio kind of guy, isn’t quite at home in front of camera’s. Talking head stuff – a radio staple – is bad on TV but he ever leans toward it. But initial ‘films’ were reasonable if very contrived, as expected (here) there’s little mentioned about current or coming new cars that anyone might drive. But there’s time yet – if beeb excuse low view figures.

Sunday 29th May 2016.

Good weather again and canal tow-path to Little Lever reasonably dry so a ride there this morning. (Video’s shortly.) Picture, taken this morning, is of Meccano Bridge, at Little Lever, over lock channel that’s been cleared out.
Good views over Irwell valley from near bridge. Again, riding over cobbles – much of this part of tow-path is cobbled – with tyres well pumped-up, is a very bad idea.

Saturday 28th May 2016.

Good weather again and a few shots taken around ex papermill land near flood-damaged Pioneer Bridge.(See Hogweed page) Biggest Hogweed leaves, so far, seem to be along Wellington Street, Bury – but there’s time yet.
Meanwhile, as millions get into their cars and drive-off for Bank Holiday week-end, there are calls for driving age-limit to be raised to 75 from 70. They want you to graft till 70 lately, so why not? Then again losing four wheels for two raises a few eyebrows but it’s very cost-effective – especially coupled with the bus-pass – you lose reams of paperwork too, which can’t be bad. For those nearing 70 wishing to renew driving licence,, with passport or N.I. number. The licence is handy, but the car an encumbrance. Hiring, occasionally, may be cheaper – even taxi’s. Watch summer petrol price rise – it’s already £1.10p.
Still a few brexit scare-stories but those govern-mental have calmed-down a bit it seems. Either way everything will go up. ‘Cept pensions.

Friday 27th May 2016.

Quite warm this morning so a longer ride to check-out Hogweed infestations locally. (see page)
Return ride was along canal from Bury with a few (small?) Hogweeds noticed along well greened Hinds Lane. (Some massive stuff along Wellington Street!)
As canal feed/overflow area is reached Hawthorns, blooming white, are everywhere, in pic two around Bank Top bridge.
Then, as ‘in water’ but weed-infested canal areas are passed, Radcliffe church is just visible, left of centre, in distance.
Hinds Lane is reasonably dry but watch for low overhanging branches if biking.
For good measure; when riding up Banana Walk from Water Made It Wet (Whitakers) bridge, a fair-sized Roe Deer ran across path to amazed amusement of several walkers. Sadly it was far too fast for a pic! Or is it me that’s too slow?

Thursday 26th May 2016.

Drizzly rain this morning but a touch of colour along Radcliffe Canal wharf. It’s rough, ancient, cobbles down there, so pumping tyres-up, before going, was a very bad idea! Rain does keep frog-friendly wild pond topped-up in backyard but one pond/fishkeeper in Oxford has been told to shift his as perhaps criminals, breaking-in to his home, might fall in and drown. Mmm … a deeper one might be good eh? Or a moat?
Meanwhile on the fun front the leader of those govern-mental hints that (state?) pensions may be at risk if we leave eu. Of course they’re also at risk if we stay in if there’s no cash to pay them (Doh!). Mind you, if we stay in, what do we need UK govern-mentals for?
Latest in the line of govern-mentally appointed ‘business tsars’ is Alan Sugar. He follows Michelle Mone and Mary Portas as entrepreneurial guru showing folk how-to to set-up businesses then paying most of any profit to hmrc – or else. Real entrepreneurs, such as market-stall traders, constantly hard at it, simply don’t have the time for this kind of thing – (“Can’t mess about here all day – I’ve got men to lay-off!” Bradley Hardacre, played by great actor Timothy West, in T.V.’s ‘Brass’).
Don’t usually watch BGT on TV, but that magician was good. He must be magic as to do all that as tricks would be too difficult.
So far a very good month for (entrepreneurial?) ‘Shoestring Movies’.

Wednesday 25th May 2016.

Light rain this morning so a mega-speed two-wheeled out and about around Radcliffe and Bury. Not too warm (back to normal eh?) so a pic, today, taken last Sunday, of Forget-Me-Nots along Banana Walk. Nothing invasive or (downright!) nasty seen along there so far, in fact canal (Radcliffe/Bury arm) is free of Hogweed but has Himalayan Balsam patches here and there. Major old tree ‘pruning’ in backyard yesterday again filled brown bin.
Apparently ex X-Files Gillian Anderson fancies herself as James Bond contender as (it seems) Jamie Bell (ex- Billy Elliot) meets Bond producers. Ex Poldark actor is a fans favourite for the role. Loki, (Tom Hiddleston) is a wannabe J.B. but imo he’d be a good baddie, smooth rather that the (of late) usual dysfunctional, psychopathic type.
On the fun front a group of govern-mental think-tankers (oh yes!) expound a further two years of ‘austerity’ if we leave eu. What austerity is this? Public spending is up – to about £13,200,000,000.00p per annum – of late.
In some areas of Manchester they’re charging drivers £750.00p p.a., to park cars outside their homes – the ever escalating cost of simply owning a car. But (I think) new Top Gear starts on Sunday to tempt folk into ever the better one – a goal you never attain – there’s always a better one.

Monday 23rd May 2016.

Dry and warm this morning and a pic of ‘white trees’ along Banana Walk taken yesterday. Giant Hogweed is in news again – it matures around June to August – so a short video of local infestations on Hogweed Page – one local plant is already enormous and along a school walking route. Take care by Wellington Street footbridge – St. Gabriels is nearby. Close Park/River Irwell infestations – mentioned here for years – are legendary Giant Hogweed sightings.
Probably due to my massively popular (over 1,000 views so far) commentary-less railway locomotive video’s, beeb is to make ’em too. Train-spotting is popular they say and commentary-less films, like the Canal Trip, will be made. But they will too use films of locomotives made by members of general public! Yikes! At beeb rates of pay I’m probably already a £billionaire! I mean, they can’t want the films for free, and charge me a licence fee! Can they? Initially beeb will use Didcot Heritage Railway Centre for filmed footage. It’s just as easy to view tons of this stuff on YouTube.
Watched a TV detective programme called Wallander (I think) last night. It wasn’t bad, Kenneth Brannagh is a good actor. He was asked, by a stumped Police Chief, to help find a missing woman. Within minutes he was at a location, miles from anywhere in South African countryside, where the woman had been. He seemed to do nothing but latched onto witnesses etc., found the woman dead, and uncovered an assassination plot. In the books he’s a dysfunctional, alcoholic, old guy. Here he chased a motor-cycling killer – on foot. Then slung a spanner at him. Mmm … incredible eh? Or is he still a magician?

Sunday 22nd May 2016.

Dry, warm and sunny for a walk this morning and a single (large?) swan posed on Radcliffe Wharf’s sunken barge. Further along tow-path cobbles a shopping-trolley is pictured in canal. (so what’s new eh?)
Quite a few bikes out along quiet-ish main roads, but perhaps later grey clouds put folk off a ride out.
High-street big-wigs are threatening huge price rises if we leave eu. Some threaten same if we stay in. Any excuse eh? Or, on balance, will things just stay as they are?
Major msm speculation, today, on who will be next James Bond. Well, it is vital stuff eh? The actor most like the book description (generally) is Loki. But, as yet, he’s a bit boyish looking – initially Pierce Brosnan felt he had the same problem, but later he did okay for several good films. An ‘outsider’ (as yet) for the role is Henry Cavill (Superman) and he’s interested in doing it. For book Bond fans he’s a really good ‘match’ too. More importantly they need good, realistic, baddies. Now here’s where Loki could play a great part.