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Thursday 30th June 2016.

A deluge of rain, yesterday, and a wet June generally, have boosted the Gunnera ‘forest’, with the leaf at the back of pic nearly as wide as a fence-panel – six feet. Today it’s cool, dull, but dry enough for an easy out and about around Radcliffe/Bury streets.
On the fun front govern-mental chaos still reigns but FTSE is up higher than before referendum. Gold slides (expectedly) but is still solid. Gas, at about $50/barrel, is marginal, and £ value is very favourable for export trade. A Producer’s rather than a consumer’s market? Could be as several countries opt for UK trade deals – an initial pointer for more UK jobs – already.
Watched a rather disturbing Father Brown last night where a (female) killer got away with it while another didn’t. Not exactly the Father Brown of the books where detection is king.
Caught-up with new Top Gear (iPlayer) yesterday and the E-Type Jag. present-day equivalent, driven from Coventry to Geneva Motor Show, looks tasty. But show’s highlight (imo) was the ‘contest’ between new Rolls-Royce Dawn Convertible and the 1970’s, Midnight Blue, Corniche Convertible – both awesome cars. Which is best? The old one features old techno stuff – good but iffy today. The new one will be far more reliable, repairable, and economical, although the last concept never bothers Rolls-Royce owners. Great cars, but the show should feature a few wannabe’s (Fords, Vauxhalls, Toyotas etc.) that moderately heeled folk might buy – not to mention the used market which is huge.
While on a ‘motorised’ theme; Tour de France organisers are introducing some form of thermal-imaging devices to check if bikes have ‘hidden’ electric motors that can ‘enhance performance’. Ridiculous? No, a female cyclo-cross rider had one and left fellow riders way behind!
Mmm … wonder if GTech has a Tour team?

Wednesday 29th June 2016.

Absolutely hissing-down all morning (doubtless a Brexit consequence) so not allowed out unsupervised. Pic today, taken last July, of canal-side Willowherb. Nice colour I always thought.
The fun front, always a humour source, descends even further into an (expensive) puzzled, bewildered govern-mental job-scheme. An nhs trust offers free counselling to employees traumatised by Brexit. Therein is the problem – that perceived ‘free’. It isn’t and it makes a returning footballer’s pay seem minimal. Then again, have we any dentists interested in football management? – might mean a pay-drop, but you never know.
Meanwhile the £ edges back to reasonable normality, the posh betting shop index slips back up to 6000 or more and, regardless, it’s still hissing-down. But the shiny yellow stuff is, as ever, a good shelter.
Watched a ‘scary’ episode one of The Living and The Dead last night. In this ex-Merlin is a Victorian shrink who sort of exorcises a possessed girl and, finally, helps baptize her into cured normality. Neat story. (natch beeb inserts poor hay-makers fighting land-owners new hay-making steam-engine that threatens their jobs, and a touch of al fresco soft-porn, but hey ho, whaddya want for umpteen £billion a year?) Some scary, creepy moments in draughty, scary, creepy old homes … (never had a council-house?) But an improvement on the hackneyed Bike and Woodbine Cotswolds coppers saga’s.
Of which later watched (recorded) Agatha Raisin’s (Louboutin?) strut to solve an obvious and silly murder. Sadly the books are quite readable, funny and interesting. But the ageing technicolour TV bimbo is a sore-thumb against Cotswold mellows and needs toning-down but clueing-up. A good Watson would help. Coppers are farcical.
R.I.P. Scotty. A world-changer.

Tuesday 28th June 2016.

Dull again but okay for out and abouting. Swans/cygnets fine yesterday.
The fun front parties are in dis-array (or worse!) as basic democracy floors the lot of ’em. Except one.
England are out of Euro’ football competition.
But, Tour de France very soon. (Erm, we can watch it can’t we?)
Watched (recorded) Musketeers last night. Good shows but overall plot – the ongoing slow-burn one – is hackneyed by now, being similar in each series.

Monday 27th June 2016.

Dull with a spot of rain earlier but it’s not good to let such stop you getting out and about. After half a mile the drizzle had abated; the usual local circuit again ridden or, in one or two traffic-busy places, walked. Which was four miles an hour faster travel than cars waiting at Town Hall lights. Talking of cars: Aston Martin say they’ll make 99 Vanquish Zagato’s. Nuff said, apparently, the batch is already sold – another waiting-list! A rusty old ex-racing Aston was found rotting away somewhere – just auctioned (i.e. cheap as chips) for £700,000.00p.
On the fun front eu car-makers are asking UK to continue trading – fine. But now it can be on UK terms eh? How £ow can you go for a nice new BMW? Export tarriffs? Nah, sorry. Might as well wait for an Aston.
The labour party has resigned.
Most msm political pundits are shell-shocked clueless as to what’ll happen now.
Gold rises. (Natch)
Watched repeated ‘Endeavor’ last night, the one with ghostly schoolgirls. Excellent. High spots were: when Thursday, sat at his desk, was (correctly) cleaning-out his (brain-enhancing – now proven) pipe, and, when he was sat at home (correctly) smoking it. Later, after sussing some brainiac-level heraldic clues, Endeavor solved it. During, the great, Colin Dexter was looking at old fossils in the Nat. Hist. Museum, with Mr. Thaw’s daughter again the useful local reporter. And the black Mk II! Oh! Good shows.

Sunday 26th June 2016.

Dull again (very) early-on but okay for out and abouting professionally. Not a bad turn-out either, markets are vibrant, with 15 – 20 punters and quite a few browsing – including several ‘international’ traders/buyers, which is common at such a market and absolutely no problem. From Radcliffe to Gigg – but not on this week – just checking. So a good 5 to 10 mile work-out on two wheels with a little profit on the morning.
On the fun front it’s reported that farmers are after govern-mental £ as eu subsidies are gone. Erm, why not, you know, try farming … grow something… like erm … food, for UK use.
For many, many years here, new car sales have been regarded as a great ‘barometer’ of ‘how the country is doing’. Aston are to build a plant in Wales. That’s Aston-Martin. Say no more – except: another product waiting-list perhaps?
They’ll need steel too … and food for workers … any steel plants and food growers around there? Nothing like half a shift’s hard graft then a tasty English ploughman’s to keep you going for the next half. Roast beef muffins are fine – Cheddar cheese, onion, apple … now that l’escargot, frog’s legs and sauerkraut & sausage are well off the menu! (And, oh! Those smokey Volkswagens!)
A swift grovel by that nice Ms Sturgeon has already resulted in a non-polite-non! And, hopefully, that nice Mr. Cameron has dried his tears.
Natch, at the moment Markets are up and down, go carefully, the next (I think) up at Gigg.

Saturday 25th June 2016.

A bit dull around Radcliffe/Bury this morning but not cold and quite a few others (flying past!) on two wheels. Pic from May – swan has five cygnets now.
A few other websites are read regularly, with Brexit being an ongoing subject with them for years. Wonder what they’ll blog about now? It’s great though, being one of the ‘oldies’ that the beeb is blaming for voting UK out. Really, the beeb shouldn’t even have an opinion on this, let alone advising folk which way to vote. Time for major reform eh?
Countries abroad already hankering after ‘Trade-Deals’ with UK and gold rose 6%. Dunno when the £350,000,000.00p a week ‘rent’ stops but, for a visible Brexit benefit, the roads could be de-pot-holed. They’ve deteriorated badly since 1975/6. Wonder why? And HS2 … an eu thing? … hellfire! Forget de-pot-holing roads – just re-surface them – like new. (City of Wells looked good at Bury South this morning as it passed the level-crossing. Ah, steam-age stuff, but it still works well.) And, seeing as hillside turbines were stopped again, perhaps coal/steam can again generate for us. Watt say?
Not watched much TV lately (beeb is like a burst boil spouting pus at moment) but Jurassic World was on Sky P.A.Y.V., so watched me DVD. It was a change watching folk fighting-back against an expensive Archaicasauric monster trying to gobble them up!

Friday 24th June 2016.

Bright (golden?) sunshine, early-on, was heightened by radio beeb, trying to sound unconcerned, but wondering what’ll happen now to its eu funding, and, for the canny, a nice (expected?) 4%+ rise in the shiny yellow stuff. (Now over $1,300.00c) So a pleasant, summery, Olde English (?) out and about on the bike, despite a drop of later rain, knowing that eu vat on personal book sales/publication is history. UK vat, with its reasonable earnings threshold, is fine. Umpteen UK micro-businesses will already be de-hibernating and dusting-off cob-webs as shackles are removed – minor incursions of course. £350,000,000.00p a week was a major one!
Mmm … Sir Nigel? Sounds good eh? He’ll be eu redundant – so perhaps he wouldn’t mind taking care of The Bank of England – to, you know, build-up our gold reserves …

Thursday 23rd June 2016.

Warm and sunny this morning – in the north at least – and a morning look at partially drained Elton Reservoir – which, it appears, is an old-car-tyre dump. Work, of some kind, proceeds there and a new (?) kind of notice-board thingy has appeared by the embankment wall. Farm lanes are closed around there so you have to sneak up behind boat club to see wot’s going on. Distant wind-farm turbines were again stopped – all of them. They’ve turned for two, maybe three, of last seven days.
Pic Two is of smoothly new speed-bumps along Grindsbrook Road. For push-bikers these are great – like that off-road ‘jump’ on the ‘new’ Top Gear Star in an Off-Road Car malarkey. Sadly, for most car-drivers, smooth tarmac is a long-past dream, so a pic to drool over.
There’s some whingeing about Chris Evans’ samey, mundane attire on ‘new’ Top Gear – while Matt gets asked about and praised for his very fashionable (TV) wardrobe. As said the other day, Chris Evans is a radio bod … nuff said? I know it’s difficult, but think about it …
Natch it’s all about the referendum today and, hopefully, a clear result, one way or the other, tomorrow.

Wednesday 22nd June 2016.

Dry but a shade cooler this morning for a few miles on two-wheels. Work (?) on a nearby road – so far major ‘digging-out’ – turns out to be new speed-bumps, well, one is finished, so take care along Grindsbrook Road if on a bike. The worst bit isn’t the bump works but treacherous pot-holes and loose gravel along the bottom bend – where they’ve just re-built that wall – again.
It’s all referendum stuff at the moment with both sides spouting dire consequences which-ever way voting goes. Most normal, everyday folk will simply have to put-up with whatever happens. (Erm, tax hikes for a start, in or out!) Interestingly, nhs trusts have, over past three years, raked-in £350,000,000.00p in parking fees and ‘fines’. That’s just one weeks eu funding.
Watched most of latest Agatha Raisin last night and it was far too predictable even for a ‘comedy’ series. Agatha, the character, is (I understand) an over fifty ex-advertising guru so her portrayer (46) is bimbo-ishly young. Not bad though in these days of formula US tv cop-shows, but Cotswold scenes are getting hackneyed being in several Olde English style retro series. Books, by ‘M.C. Beaton’, are okay but get a bit ‘samey’.

Tuesday 21st June 2016.

Dry and quite warm earlier for a two-wheeled out and about that’s not all Giant Hogweed related – Michaelmas around Warth pictured. But there are Hogweed flowering nearby! (See Hogweed Page)
A walk, later, and swans were at wharf with cygnets.
For years here tobacco has been deemed ‘brain food’. A recent study (no, not by tobacco co’s) by American Journal of Epidemiology has revealed (again!) that nicotine ‘protects’ the brain from Parkinsons disease. It was found that smokers – even those who now didn’t – are 44% lower risk of getting such diseases. Studies in 2010 came up with similar findings by different scientists.
And poor old Top Gear is again slated for attracting only 2,300,000 viewers. It’s not that bad – is it? And there’s been football on T.V., which might steal visitors. Not to mention the £price of even the most basic cars and the gas and insurance on top. Then again Countryfile (is it?) pulls a cool 9,000,000 viewers every time. So best to stick to Hogweed, swans, and the (renewed!) bus-pass!