Monthly Archives: July 2016

Sunday 31st July 2016.

Two to three mile walk this morning in warm but breezy Radcliffe. Not sure if that Heron, patrolling the wharf, knows that it’s private fishing around there. Not far away a single Cinnabar Moth caterpillar feeds on Ragwort.
Seen these caterpillars all over Ragwort but not seen the actual red and black moths yet.
Along the canal there are still very young Moor Hen and Coot paddling about but there’s some kind of ‘sludge’ on the water surface in parts – rotting pond weed? The water needs a bit of ‘flow’ surely. But tow-path is fine for a Bury (?) walk or bike-ride away from traffic.
Pictures are ‘date-marked’ incorrectly – they were taken this morning! Thanks Mrs C!

Saturday 30th July 2016.

A spot or two of rain this morning but otherwise okay for the morning bike-ride. Pic, along canal fields, taken last September. Schwalbe Silento tyres, now front and rear, seem a bit softer than the rock-solid land Cruisers. They hold a line better too (?). Steamers up at Bury South – our video’s are at Condo Rosa page at YouTube. Some at OOPART ‘site. Bike-route video’s too if you’re not familiar with local paths.
The fun front seems to be settling-down after the brexit malarkey. Lower £ isn’t good for holiday makers to (say) US, but it’s fine for exporters and non-eu trade shows even more promise. Some ‘job-losses’ that some blame on brexit, in banking sectors, were ear-marked over a year ago. Generally UK employment is up not down.
Partially watched a show about Wynona Earp fighting ghosts left by her great grandfather, Wyatt, as he ‘cleaned-up’ the old west. Not good. Watched an old Bond film instead which has a reasonable plot, good baddie, and one of the Russian kgb men once played Elvis on-stage in London. Roger Moore isn’t bad and he’s helped by Steed in his R.R. Cloud Mark I Roller which, as many old Rollers in films, ends-up underwater !?

Friday 29th July 2016.

Rainy this morning with mist everywhere hiding views from Wellington Viaduct, Bury.
Top pic looks toward Bolton, bottom towards Bury.
Fitted new front Silento tyre as old Land Cruisers are now ‘old-hat’ and adjusted discs on Claud B. Alto. They were squealing a bit. Used every day bike tyres do wear but it’s not vastly expensive to replace them.
On the fun front hs2 is estimated (again!) to be about £90,000,000,000.00p. In reality then they’ve no idea of its real cost.
Watched old Endeavour last night. Still good. New Ghostbusters film is, well, typical US erm, I dunno. Nuff said eh?

Thursday 28th July 2016.

Drizzly rain right now but fine, earlier, for a ride out. A warm walk, yesterday afternoon, past Banana Walk’s topless bridge and white Dogwood berries.
This morning one of the still active (1954) steamers was working up at Bury South. Originally, I was told, they plied southern routes around London and the south coast – one of the workers on them Tommy Steel.
No Panther again but a couple of foxes spotted crossing a path from hedgerow to hedgerow.
On the fun front Owen Smith suggests ‘tax the rich’ ‘revolution’ and across the pond Mrs Clinton spouts about ‘The American Dream’. How many times eh? Meanwhile Glaxo announce further UK (over £200,000,000.00p) investment. They were, initially, worried about brexit.
Watched a dubious Father Brown last night. Inventing original plots gets harder and harder it seems. But later (recorded) Rosewood was switched-off lest sleep took over.

Wednesday 27th July 2016.

Cooler again this morning but dry for an early out and about. A temporary traffic-light delay along Bolton Road as work goes on near Watling Street. New lights I think. Pedestrian pavement on the farm side is closed for a while but temp. lights are okay even for bikes. Better still if Daisyfield Greenway could (finally!) be extended to Ainsworth Road where it could link-up with bike-routes to Bolton which are extensive. Mmm … Panther country?
On the fun front the US is on the verge of relaxing beef and lamb imports from UK after the BSE thing about twenty years ago. As mentioned a week or so ago UK farmers will have to start farming again – Irish meat went to US last year. The market is initially worth £35,000,000.00p but that’ll rise fast.
Watched The Living and the Dead last night and a few more ghostly scenes make the saga interesting. Last episode next week and ancient and modern have to be (somehow) reconciled. Spooky yes but not too bad for its nine o’clock slot. Meanwhile Agatha Raisin (recorded) has a manic go at solving the murder of her long-lost, presumed dead, first husband, as she fails to get married again. Two ‘new arrivals’, at the Cotswold village, were just too obvious as killer possibilities, especially the one buying (very quickly!?) her cottage. A bit of cosy, chaotic, detective fun, as ever.

Tuesday 26th July 2016.

Cooler out and about this morning with a spot or two of rain. No Panther spotted around the wilder route sections, but a Hedgehog toured the backyard early on. Ah, real local wildlife. An anniversary and birthday here too, today. Pic taken nearly a year ago now.
The fun front plods on headline to headline and, Le Tour being over, there’s a gap during afternoon TV.
Didn’t bother with very soapy Brief Encounters last night.

Monday 25th July 2016.

Cooler this morning with a slight breeze and perhaps a spot or two of rain. No problem for getting out and about on the bike and returning along Radcliffe canal where ‘mother Mallard’ was watching the youngsters near Withins. Apparently there are large numbers of deer species over-grazing forested areas of the UK. It’s possible folk may release a few Lynx, wild cats that should prey on a few deer, around Northumberland. It sounds logical. But won’t the deer just move elsewhere, leaving the cats to feed on pets and farm animals perhaps?
On the fun front that nice Mr. Clegg is allowed £115,000.00p in yearly expenses. With all that his actual wages are arbitrary. And Sir David Nicholson, ex – £210,000.00p a year nhs boss, has stopped taking his statins due to muscle-pains that were ‘debilitating’. Natch the first week (for many) of school-holidays meant an immediate dash, in the costabundle motor, to Dover Ferry Ports where huge day-long traffic-jam waits to cross the Channel occurred over weekend. Photo’s of the phenomenon showed umpteen cars – many with one or more bikes attached on racks – just jammed motionless. Why not just take the bikes? It might be quicker.
Final Le Tour Stage yesterday and before it the women’s race around Paris which featured, on the last lap, three very nasty crashes! One lady was stretchered-off into an ambulance. They could have a ladies Le Tour – they’re tough enough. As expected Chris Froome and Sky retained yellow for a third Le Tour win with Grippel crossing finishing line first – good sprint finish.

Sunday 24th July 2016.

Dull but very warm this morning for a walk around Radcliffe streets. Pic, yesterday, is of a floral display near Radcliffe canal featuring the back-end of a barge going into a tunnel in front of part open canal lock-gates. The ‘canal’ bit is made up of blue and white flowers. Another display, across the road by the canal ‘entrance’ path, is of a barge and horse – can’t photograph as the windows of someone’s home are right behind it. Pic above shows display from a different angle.
Kept a lookout for a black Panther along Banana Walk. It’s been sighted up Breightmet chasing deer (?) so it’s best to go looking for it miles away – why ask for trouble? A pic would have been great though eh?
On the fun front traffic backs-up trying to cross into France. Natch brexit is to blame.
In Le Tour it looks like another (3rd) win for Froome and Sky with Bury’s Adam Yates (so far) in fourth place – a great ride against some major internationals – yesterday’s mountain descent – very wet – was nail-biting. Easy, final, stage today. It’s pouring-down here too now.
Watched Star Trek with Sherlock (Cumberbatch) Holmes in it. Not bad. Just talking-head moments between manic cgi moments. A slight, tricky to figure, plot though with Sherlock being first baddie, then goodie, then real baddie again, he’s a bit ‘Hannibal’ like at times. Really, him out of Hot Fuzz steals it as the younger Scotty. The film’s new, young, female, Technical Officer is Eddie Shoestrings daughter – Alice.

Saturday 23rd July 2016.

Good weather for two-wheeled out and abouting again but this morning a wary watch kept for a mysterious Black Panther sighted around the Breightmet area between Radcliffe and Bolton. ‘Natch reports say, Bury, Radcliffe, or Bolton. Apparently the animal was seen chasing deer. There are a few of those about – seen ’em occasionally at Elton Reservoir, Banana Walk,(twice at least) and Ed’s seen ’em along Nature Trail. So the ride section along, lonely, silent, well forested Daisyfield Greenway was done at speed (12mph!) and with wide eyes … mornin’ Murphy!
On the fun front news pervades that last year ‘consultation fees etc.’ for hs2 were £185,000,000.00p. That’ll probably seem like peanuts when they actually start shoving a track down. So long as they don’t start nicking bike-routes back eh? Daisyfield and Kirklees are brill.
A rain squall upset many riders on steep mountain descents during yesterday’s Le Tour. Even Froome went down over a white-line – he swapped bikes quickly and carried-on, as did several others. But a great uphill win for Romain Bardet. Adam Yates lost a bit of time and is in fourth generally behind Quintana with Bardet second and Froome still in yellow.
On the old road-bike Schwalbe Land Cruiser tyres, basic but good, were fine on wet roads; even a bit of light mud. Now replaced with Silento’s which have wider, more rounded tread and are Kevlar protected and ride very smoothly, even on our roads. Priced at about £15.00p to £18.00p on ‘net for 700c x 35c, reasonable for regular riders. Yesterday Froome would have loved ’em!
Temp. lights at Bolton Road near Mile lane, new traffic-lights being installed? Delays, even this morning.

Friday 22nd July 2016.

Very warm for an early, biked, out and about and a walk to Radcliffe and back later. Sadly even ‘done-up’ the market hall is losing stall-holders with several pitches empty. Nearby shops seem to be okay, but having any premises lately isn’t cheap – even Barclays mention pulling-out … meanwhile, all roads lead to asda.
For ages now Banana Walk ‘hedgerows’ (cut back somewhat) have been checked for invasive and/or dodgy growths. Today two Giant Hogweed plants spotted and one is (badly!) pictured. They seem to have been de-seed-headed but take care along the stretch after Greenbank Road.
Also spotted: tasty little Brompton folder circa 2000. Regularly used as everyday transport by (another) senior citizen.
Watched really strange Mr. Robot episodes last night. At least it’s original.
Far more viewer-friendly was the hill-climb time-trial stage in Le Tour. A great win for Froome but a superb second place by Tom Dumoulin – speeds of 80+kmh on the descent after the very stiff climb. Bury’s Adam Yates did well again to retain third place in general classification.