Wednesday 21st September 2016.

Dry, wind free and not too warm for morning’s bike-ride around local roads and routes. One or two half-fallen branches along Daisyfield access slopes deem taking a bit of care going up or down – often you don’t notice these until you ride into ’em. Such branches look small but in reality some can be very heavy – not safe to try and shift ’em alone.
Around that area a wary eye is being kept for any sightings of a) The Breightmet Beast – a black Puma like animal, and b) Muntjac Deer – a destructive invader (we’re told). Didn’t spot either, but there’s always tomorrow. (When there might be more ‘possibles’ to add to the list)
On the fun front I think there’s some kind of ‘leadership’ election thingy going on. Like I said – the fun front.
Watched National Treasure episode one last night (C4 – so, well, you know) and some really good acting from its leads – Robbie Coltrane, Julie Walters good at it. Bad language, nudity, dysfunctionality were all there as the episode was dragged-out to fill the slot. For folk so involved in reality this is a nightmare. For those not directly involved it is, now, rather un-interesting – boring even – and as such hardly entertaining. Not to mention the adverts!
Mind you, a certain govern-mental lady visitor here, yesterday, was taken aback in disbelief that someone was actually self-employed (un-funded!) and repaired bicycles and/or wrote stories.
People just didn’t do that did they?
Well, in that case Sophie Wessex probably got Hagrid to wave his (magic) umbrella over her busted bike-chain yesterday and that all TV channels, film companies and publishers got Mrs Weasley to ‘magic’ a shedload of stories/scripts needed, lately, daily.

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