Friday 23rd September 2016.

Fine but cool again so okay for an early bike-ride. There are one or two ‘famous’, or should that be ‘infamous’ hills around here that cyclists erm, ‘enjoy’, but Ed opted for a train ride to The Peak District yesterday and then a High Peak circuit that took-in many of the Edale climbs. Best, or worst one, he reckons is Chunal Road heading toward Hayfield from Glossop. Winnats Pass – he went down it not up – was awesome. Bike used: Claud Butler crosser that handled some fast downhills and one or two rough road surfaces well, over the 50+ miles, for under £1,000.00p.
Again the fun front is rather quiet as, generally, and against many predictions, things nationally economic go from strength to strength.
Watched episode one of new Paranoid last night and half of it (or more) was concerned with a (large?!) detective force’s dysfunctionality/personal problems, rather than the crime (murder?) they were after solving. There are eight episodes so this is basically another sad-faced soap. Watch-able, with good actors, but hardly original. Later, an old New Tricks also had great chunks of TV time devoted to (Brian’s) dysfunctionality, as he stopped taking his medication, but this was given a lighter, humorous slant, until he got back on his fix and became normal, during a tricky investigation. No ‘big’ force here, just four bods in UCOS, and, even now, these shows do ‘entertain’. Brian’s old roady bike, a Peugeot, was, at one time, state-of-the-art stuff around Ed’s peaky mountain circuit.

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