Saturday 24th September 2016.

Cool but dry again so an easy out and about earlier. Carvery yesterday afternoon and, by the time you’ve shopped, cooked, and washed-up, it’s probably more cost-effective!
The fun front, generally, again takes a back-seat to The Pitts (mmm) and Bake (on and) Off which dominate many msm pages.
Later watched a couple of relatively new TV shows that actually attempt to ‘entertain’ rather than just fill an advertising slot. King and Maxwell is a simple male-female ‘pin-up’ Private Investigating duo that keep soap to a needed minimum while solving cases. Some great Gunnera shots in that park they keep visiting too. Their pet computer nerd – extremely but humorously dysfunctional in an original and clever way – steals the show at times with his muted but oft superbly logical ‘deductions’. Later still Hooten and The Lady follows the fortunes (or no!) of an unlikely, straight-laced but ‘pin-up’ British Museum archaeologist – Lady So and So – and nunnery-funding adventurer (Ulyses?) Hooten – a black leather jacketed vagrant? They go after ancient artefacts but get bogged-down with baddies also after the valuables. Rather than talking-heads this show has good action scenes with original ‘stunts’ and some (dubious) scenery and wild animals – last night a huge crocodilian in a sewer. Not totally convincing but good for a TV attempt at Indiana Jones. The Lady’s mother is played by ex-James Bonds Solitaire. Both shows are better if you record then cut the banal adverts that seem to stop the action dead. At last an hour or two of TV that, simply, entertains.

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