Monday 26th September 2016.

Dull and rainy for the bike-ride this morning and not too warm. Fellow cyclist Sophie Wessex completes her £180,000.00p raising Charity bike-ride from Holyrood to Buckingham Palaces. Watch E-Bay for a cheapo (but tasty!) Boardman any-time … but, if she can do that surely anyone can pedal 3 miles, up or down Radcliffe canal tow-path, for a bit of exercise.
The local Market Hall, even after re-furbishment (but the roof still leaks!), is virtually empty of traders. Why? Here’s a slight clue (n.b., this is a Metrognome freebie!) BHS.
It looks like that nice Matt LeBlanc loses Top Gear friends to present alone. They could have done (did!) far worse for the reported £2,000,000.00p contract fee.
And, in China, the world’s largest radio telescope (500 metre diameter) is now searching for alien life. If it finds it hmrc self-assessment and tv licence forms will be posted. Strangely, those govern-mental may be wondering why MG car assembly (owned by a Chinese corporation) is being off-loaded abroad, due to, MG say, it being ‘no longer economically viable.’ Mmm … one market is much like another eh?
On the fun front most adverse reaction to that nice Mr. Corbyn’s election comes from his own party.
Watched Victoria again last night and, although basically a soap, it’s still interesting history-wise. Wonder if they’ll show umpteen nineteenth-century Bury serfs and peasants carving-up wind-swept Heracles Hill stone, to build that tower to commemorate Sir Robert Peel?

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