Tuesday 27th September 2016.

Cold-ish and damp this morning but not a problem on two wheels and the (initially) hour’s ride is now done in under forty minutes. Right now drizzle and low cloud cut visibility over nearby fields.
A reported £7,000,000,000.00p profit for Aldi. Loverly grub eh?
Meanwhile on the fun front there’s talk of borrowing £500,000,000,000.00p and going on a benefits for all spree. Wonder who Wonga will vote for …
… and, apparently, ‘the German James Bond’ is up for tax avoidance … how can a govern-mental employee have tax problems?
They’ve done away with the 1920’s Road Tax Disc and introduced more modern online style car taxing – with a nice juicy £1,000.00p fine if you ‘forget’. Some (maybe forgetters?) want the disc to make a come-back. Last year car tax ‘raised’ just over £6,000,000,000.00p. – but the figure is slowly falling … last estimate for pot-hole repair nationally was, I think, £11,000,000,000.00p, so, as ever, whatever they do there’s cash-flow problems – but apparently crisis-hit hmrc still advises other countries on taxation matters.
Talking of pot-holes; is there a big one up Radcliffe New Road?

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