Thursday 29th September 2016.

Windy but, again, not cold for out and abouting this morning. Had to wait at Bury South level-crossing for old steamer to pass, but that’s no problem, then it was up the slope to Daisyfield on the ‘return’ run. Quite a few bikes out with riders all ages.
Noticed that a TV car leasing ad. quoted around £500.00p a month, after initial mega deposit. Yesterday Iceland delivered freezer stuff; today asda brings the rest, all for a few £. For the odd item the bike, or a walk then the bus-pass, is easy enough. Even Radcliffe roads, at rush-hours this morning, were more like car-parks and, for general safety, walking was faster. And, how much of that monthly £500.00p pays for the ads.?
On the (really!) fun front the labour conference goes on about ’21st century socialism’ – do they mean join a (say) bike-club? Well, they are extremely social and very trendy.
Watched D.I. Banks last night and the saga drags on after the death of a major female character – the one Banks sort of fancied. The prime suspect seems a bit obvious but hey ho, this is drama not Sherlock Holmes, so anything can happen amid the tears and sad-faced acting. Actors are fine. There’s a bit of action now and then. But it’s all a bit slow, laborious and hackneyed with little or no uplifting humour. Later, an old New Tricks had two of the geriatrics drinking Viagra-like ‘tea’ from a forest-dwelling witch while they were ‘interrogating’ her outside her tent. Old, out-dated, improbable perhaps, but a reasonably puzzling (interesting!) plot and the usual entertaining laughs. Still very watch-able.

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