Friday 30th September 2016.

Breezy but not cold for September’s last day, so an easy pedalled six miles earlier. Pic – of a swan on an old sunken canal barge – taken last May. The swan, and the barge, are still there and doing nicely. There’s a (minor) road-up along Bury Road – it reduces to one lane for a few yards – but Bury direction walkers/bikers can safely pass on pavement rather than going halfway across road.
After giving the old bike a drop of chain oil earlier, I read of the new La Ferrari Aperta – an open-top version of the £1,100,000.00p petrol/lecky hybrid La Ferrari super-car that sells very well. 209 models of the new car will be made – sadly already they’re all sold! But hey ho, the UK Service Industry, I’m told, is booming so the next Ferrarri made might be affordable – just need to buy, then flog, 550,000 bike inner-tubes!
(Sod me Pension Credit!)
Watched episode two of Paranoid last night. This is a soapy Police drama filmed (partly?) in or around Lake District scenery that could have been really good. There was a brill ‘stunt’ in last night’s slow-until-last-ten-minutes show – a copper was shoved off a high canal lock mechanism – erm? In the Lake District? Really good actors etc., but the soap gets in the way. Old New Tricks later was again bumblingly realistic as the gang solved another oldie case and followed Sandra – red-carpeting with her ‘boss’ – at a swank Police ‘do’.

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