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Tuesday 20th September 2016.

Dull but not cold, wet or windy, so an easy out and about earlier. Murphy was having a Daisyfield stroll again and he’s very well for a twelve year old. (Pic from June – but he looks just the same.)
Occasionally, very occasionally, when along a leafy bike-route perhaps, you spot a deer – usually for us northeners – a Roe Deer. There are, folk say, umpteen of ’em but they’re good at hiding in forested areas. But in msm they reckon there are 150,000 muntjac deer playing havoc with gardens, farms and woodlands to the south of the country, with many road accidents caused by them. Muntjac are an introduced, smaller species that breeds rapidly and takes-over large areas. Natch some folk want to cull ’em which, from a wildlife point of view, is a bit sad. Then again, they taste really good I’m told … tough call eh?
On the fun front Mrs May (the politician, not the one on TGT!) is getting into the news now and then with a few ‘policy’ decisions that seem to reek of common-sense. There’s a long way to go yet – hs2 and foreign aid are still extant – but there are glimmers …

Monday 19th September 2016.

Dull and cooler again today but a dry ride earlier. Yesterday Bury held its 10k Charity Run and at the other end of the canal in Little Lever volunteers in diggers and bull-dozers started digging-out years of muck in-filling the lower locks at Prestolee. Work proceeds today I believe. (Pic is of Meccano Bridge, at top of locks, taken in May) One Fatfrier ‘video’ of the work is already at YouTube.
4 Privet Drive is up for sale in leafy Bracknell. £475,000.00p. Nice, but all that owl muck? But, it’s interesting to note house value where a fictional character lived (lives?).

Sunday 18th September 2016.

Misty but dry and windless this morning – which was good for umpteen 10K Charity Runners around Radcliffe and Bury. So the bike-ride, the Bury Road bit, was a walk today and as I walked the near two-mile road there were runners alongside me all the time, hundreds of ’em! Brilliant!
Approaching Manchester Road what sounded like a massive marching Brass Band could be heard, but no, further along a Samba Band were belting-out beats as runners approached the final km near Bury. Awesome!
(Photo’s taken, with permission, of Brandlesholme Samba Band. Apparently these boys and girls are charity-based and are online at:
Final two pics, around the 6km banner, are of the front-runners. But a great 10k run by all – well done, runners, helpers, marshalls and everyone!

Saturday 17th September 2016.

Despite some wintry weather forecasts it was almost summery this morning if a bit chilly, with many two-wheeled folk around local routes. The ‘tree-tunnel’, along Daisyfield, (Pic one) is ideal for those getting used to biking after a long lay-off perhaps. It’s lined, at the moment, with Himalayan Balsam (Pic two) which is invasive but harmless – and at least it’s vegetation rather than concrete or tarmac.
Quite a few bikes along there this morning, and several pedestrians – the route is only yards from nearby roads.
Interestingly, an msm report – this time with reasonable (2008) film footage – shows what could be a Thylacine – a marsupial dog-like animal thought to be extinct from about 1936, running through a field. Some suggest it’s a dog or fox but no, not a fox. The tail is nothing like a foxes – seen several and they’re bushy, curving down and up and appearing brush-like. In the film the tail isn’t bushy and appears quite rigid – dog’s tails tend to swish side to side. Several ‘experts’ agree that this is a Thylacine – Tasmanian Tiger, which, these days, for wildlife, is good news. Hopefully some dingbat won’t shoot it to prove it’s not extinct!

Friday 16th September 2016.

Much cooler this morning with a bit of a breeze. But the drenching storms seem to have centred on the London areas with flooding etc. down there. Up here Irwell levels are normal and that tiring humidity has at last lifted.
Statins are again in the news as two orgs report on them. Natch one says they’re god’s gift to the aged, the other says they’re not. The money involved in their manufacture and their subsequent ‘price’ to the nhs can’t be a factor in their promotion surely. Can it?
Interestingly, Honda’s new Civic is to be Made in England at Swindon. 10% of British Honda production will increase to 40% as this proceeds. Meanwhile that bastion of the mass-produced wannabe Rolls-Royce, Ford, will be shifting small-car production from US to Mexico. Many Hondas are exported to the US. Nuff said eh?
While on the car front; Trailer video is out for The Grand Tour’s initial programme via Amazon Prime. (Amazon Prime? Isn’t that something to do with Transformers?) Trailer doesn’t show much but presenting trio look happy enough taking a large curve sideways as usual.
And, on the fun front, bbc ‘pay-offs’ look like being limited to £95,000.00p after some mega hand-shakes. One was £450,000.00p. Some staff there too may have ‘salary’ amounts disclosed if over prime minister’s salary. What that’s got to do with it is anybody’s guess.
Sophie Wessex is bike-riding (trendy, light-weight Boardman under her) from Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, to Buckingham Palace, London, for charity. Training for the 450 mile, six-day ride, has helped her fitness the 51 year-old says. She also says ‘hills are ghastly!’
Mmm … tell me about it kiddo!
(She might call here if she gets a puncture – Oh! a ‘By Appointment’ plaque at my time of life!)

Thursday 15th September 2016.

Really warm again – even during mid-morning 2 mile walk. Swans and all five cygnets doing okay along canal.
A news hot-spot lately seems to be the Bake Off saga as it’s ‘sold’ to another TV company. Apparently it’ll have adverts in it when televised by the ‘new’ company, so it’ll actually be shorter – dough!
Watched part one of the latest DCI Banks last night. They’ve got his wardrobe right, he doesn’t look too bad, he’s a bit soft, but the show still doesn’t quite well, entertain perhaps. It’s called a ‘drama’ so the Police stuff can be secondary to the soap stuff. But all in all it’s just like any other ‘cops chasing killers in big fancy cars’ shows. Last night, during a ransom ‘job’, the ransom gang told ‘just the wife’ to bring the money. Natch about twenty highly obvious fancy cars were following her! Now old Morse would have sussed-out who the ransomers were, where the ransom hostage was kept and rescued him/her before the money had to be paid! He couldn’t go racing about in his car – those distinctive, superb, good to watch, classic MKII Jags only did a few mpg and had lousy brakes!

Wednesday 14th September 2016.

Warm, sunny and a wind-change this morning, making it hard getting to Bury but easy coming back. Thunder storms yesterday, with lightning for about an hour last night, but water-levels, this morning, at Warth, were normal (pic from a dry-ish April this year.)
On the fun front it’s estimated that the London to West Midlands bit of hs2 might/will be ready by 2027 but the West Midlands to Leeds bit is already over budget by £billions. Latest estimate is that the whole thing might/will cost £80,000,000,000.00p. Of course that’s relative. It’s reported that O.A.P. (?) investor Warren Buffet ‘lost’ $1,400,000,000.00c because Wells Fargo stock crashed a bit. Wells Fargo? They run Stage Coaches don’t they?
Watched final episode of One of Us last night and the ‘solution’ was one of the most contrived I’ve seen. It had to fit the dysfunctionality of two (or more) families that didn’t appear to really work yet were, apparently, loaded land-owners. It was really Emmerdale with less crime. Castle would have sorted it within one forty minute episode (an hour less advert breaks).
Later another old New Tricks – with Honor Blackman!! – was again quite watch-able and, before it, Dame Judi Dench looked about twelve in an old A Fine Romance.
At one time surnames often told folk your job or profession – Wright for instance meant a maker of something, like a Wheelwright made cart wheels. Interestingly an article about the changing appearance of the actress that plays Victoria – very well too – as she ascends into rather ‘high’ public life herself now and then, seems to cast doubts on her surname origins – Coleman.

Tuesday 13th September 2016.

Very warm again, even early on, which is okay for general out and abouting. A slight circumstance change requires a (minor) ‘benefit’ claim and so far it’s a nit-picking nightmare of myriad official department ‘phone-calls. But daylight is at the end of the tunnel of govern-mental obfuscation.
Meanwhile, an msm ‘article’ (advert?) tempts with a ‘How I made a $1,000,000.00c from blogging’ headline. Natch not having already made that after umpteen years I deemed it time I learned how. The answer is (apparently) within a book that you can buy, from a website, that shows you how. Photo’s of ‘bloggers’ featured were all of young, rather voluptuous, females. So that’s me totally out of it!

Monday 12th September 2016.

Dull and rainy this morning but okay for a few bike-circuit miles. Pic is of Radcliffe end of Elton Reservoir taken in June – it’s drained to allow repair work (I think).
Hot msm ‘news’ today is that it’ll reach 90 degrees here tomorrow (Tuesday), n.b. that. And The Archers Helen has been cleared of Attempted Murder charges on the erm, wireless.
On the fun front those ever-rising bt ‘line rental charges’, currently about £18.00p a month, are again under scrutiny. They’re rising well above cost of inflation …
Generally the Self-Employed sector is doing okay lately with many small-businesses taking on one or two staff to cope with demands.
Watched Victoria last night and Albert’s accepted her marriage proposal. There are aspects in this series that may have been dramatically ‘fictionalised’, but generally it’s interesting as good actors play-out once real-life personages. Viewing figures are good (possibly to detriment of Poldark – who was, I believe, fully clothed last night) and it’s good to record then watch later ad. free. (Get a bit of value from the line rental charge tax!)