Monthly Archives: October 2016

Monday 31st October 2016.

Misty this morning and recent ‘warm’ weather will come to an end on Wednesday when it will be icy cold – according to weather-forecasters. Bikes aren’t good in icy weather – check it out before venturing streets on two wheels – especially if an OAP. Repaired bike is now busy again in and around Preston.
Not a lot happening on the fun front but watched episode one of Humans second series last night. Already it’s interesting to say the least – let’s just hope it doesn’t fizzle into Eastenders with robots along the way.
Antiques Road Show was from and about Flying Scotsman last night. Interesting – for some.

Sunday 30th October 2016.

On the dull side this morning but quite a few folk biking/jogging early-on. Not too warm – which is good when biking.
On the fun front a tea company has said that an imported ‘bale’ of tea has risen from £100 to £150 since Brexit. Mmm, nothing to do with £ dropping a bit? So? Field, plants, learn as you go eh? They call ’em plantations … you know, work and all that.
Locally a Private bin emptier is getting busier. What he charges should be deducted from his customers rates bills perhaps. They’ll let him invest £ and graft for a bit then, when he’s up to eyeballs, they’ll increase his licence fees – then folk will have no bin emptier at all.
Watched oldish film National Treasure last night. It’s about the ‘history’ of the USA – which only goes back a few hundred years! The local canal has more ‘history’. It was (cut-price) Indiana Jones and Professor Langdon (is it?) rolled into one. Kiddie stuff really – like the Goonies.
Mission Impossible One was on too – boy is it dated now. But not bad if mainly talking-heads.

Saturday 29th October 2016.

Drizzly rain again so a shortened ride this morning – no point in getting soaked unless you have to. Pic from November 2015.
On the fun front some jobsworth has ‘estimated’ it’ll take 14 years and £12,000,000,000.00p to fully sort UK pot-holes. But, by then they’ll all need doing again. And today it’s a £200,000.00 plus per annum nhs chief medical officer, who normally expounds walking for us plebs, that’s racked-up over 200 tax-payer-funded taxi or chauffeur-driven rides, some of just a few hundred yards, at a cost of over £5,000.00p. She doesn’t have a ‘company’ car. Neither do I. Hence the bloody bike!
Watched one of those sort-of B films on Horror or Sy-Fy channel(s) last night. First problem is the sheer number and length of the advert breaks which are mainly for up-coming channel films etc. In between these ad-breaks you get talking-head stuff with a bit of (usually) very hammy monster cgi images that last about a second – this same foot … no, inchage, is repeated ad-nauseum throughout the film – which was, last night, about the Loch Ness Monster.

Friday 28th October 2016.

Dull and wet again but okay for the early out and about. Pic is from last February at the wharf.
Noticed, in msm, that a certain uni’ vice-chancellor gets £400,000.00p plus, plus £20,000.00p plus, per annum, for expenses! If that’s the case, what does the ‘full’ chancellor get? This is only the vice-chancellor. I mean, how much vice is there at a uni’?
Watched Paranoid last night and it continues to dysfunctionally confuse as the detective goes bonkers. (Is it the drugs he’s on?) Soapy show.
In old New Tricks ‘the drugs’ keep Brian functional, thus it’s far more watch-able.
Lucifer is simply Castle with a ‘new’ twist. Good but a bit silly – kiddie show.

Thursday 27th October 2016.

Dull and dark even this morning with very low cloud. So took the morning bike-ride along Radcliffe Canal to Bury. Very quiet along there and Elton Reservoir is still low on water.
But there’s enough for a swan pair with a cygnet.
Pic Three is a cloudy view toward Constellation Mill (Radcliffe) from the canal feed area at Elton Res.
Watched another HIM episode last night. He’s got kinetic powers – he can move things with his ‘mind’. Sadly he’s doing horrific, murderous things like making a motor-cycle riding fellow teenager crash into a lorry. Mmm. Not sure that’s good TV really. He could have been funny or a really quirky detective – but no. He has to be a nightmare instead. His ancestor had a similar problem and hanged himself – so we know where this lot is going already. Morbid soapy stuff, no real plot.

Wednesday 26th October 2016.

Rainy drizzle this morning which hid the hills behind the new Thunderbirds base at Bury. But, managed most of the circuit before it chucked it down when on Grindsbrook. I hope ‘June’ and himself didn’t get too wet walking up it! Himself is a steam fan – so here are a couple of pics of the crab taken at Bury August/September last year. Nearly got run-over taking the last one. (Yeah right!)
Take care boarding buses at Radcliffe Bus Station. Drivers often don’t have change for, say, a fiver. It will be best to have right fare change methinks. (or a bus-pass)
Watched a recorded HIM last night. This first episode was natch concerned with showing HIM’s ‘situation’ and family members. He’s quite dysfunctional which killed it all – why? He lives with two families – why? Harry Potter had major ‘family’ problems but he wasn’t dysfunctional. But anyway, what is HIM going to do? Be an absolute family nightmare with his silly ‘tricks’?
Old New Tricks okay later on.

Tuesday 25th October 2016.

Back to a ‘normal’ six-miler this morning (Pic from June 2015) and it’s cool but not freezing. Roads are reasonably clear too – half-term. Apparently exports are booming – if only we actually made a few things eh?
Talking of sales-boom – yon bike is already sold.

Monday 24th October 2016.

Reasonable weather so a ride on the bike for parts at Whitefield. Great hill is Radcliffe New Road. Pic is of light-weight Giant Escape 2 now quite ride-able and cleaned-up a bit. More pics on Geriatricks page.
For folk interested in ‘world mysteries’ Pic Two is of a screen shot from a video by the Bosnian Pyramid man. It shows the familiar ‘hill summits’ of Machu Pichu rotated left 90 degrees. Awesome eh?

Sunday 23rd October 2016.

Rather cold of a morning lately but walking or cycling soon warms you up. So an early regular circuit done this morning and an ‘off-road’ five-miler done in the afternoon with Ed on his Claud. There’s water in Elton Reservoir and already a large gaggle of Canada Geese occupy the Radcliffe end as sailors, at the Bury end, make use of strong winds up there today in their boats.
From embankment path down to the lane behind the boat club which, due to hedge pruning, (?) is thorny and really bricky near the club entrance – best to walk the fifty to a hundred yards to the club approach road which is okay for bike tyres.
On the Geriatricks front a parts-list is being drawn-up for the un-ride-able Giant Escape 2 ‘Roady’ (back wheel is jammed – chain slips like mad – brakes iffy, front jammed) that’ll (hopefully) roll a road again after a long garage park. The more you look, the more ‘faults’ appear! You can buy a new one of these for £350 to (say) £450 so have to be care£ull! End result should be a cost-effective roady for an OAP.
Online Mail-Order is pretty good for bike-parts.

Saturday 22nd October 2016.

Cool again but no problem for the early bike-ride. Yesterday and afternoon ride was also done taking-in the canal and Elton Reservoir and the res is filling-up again after work has been done. (Pic one) Benny’s ruin is now ‘landscaped’ earth.
There’s some interesting and, these days, unusual ‘wildlife’ away from main-road traffic. Hereford’s. (Pic Two)
These are quite large but are cows.
Tow-paths and lanes were, in the afternoon, quite busy with walkers but a good way to get around there is by bike. (See Geriatricks Page)
The fun front plods on for another week of chucking hard-earned £ away as if it’s confetti; an msm article ‘proves’ that (in certain areas, at certain times) it is faster by bike, but bike lanes are silly. (They are. The congestion problems are a numbers thing – nothing to do with bikes) And popular TV soaps again portray deaths, dysfunctionality and general ‘harrowing’ subjects. Why not something ‘happy’? Because happy doesn’t get the ratings.
Picture Three today is a close-up of a carved ‘lion’s head’ detail on Wellington Viaduct. There are several of them around the structure which is Victorian. To get the close-up abseiling, stone-climbing, riding the bike, along a forty foot high, one foot wide ledge, with a camera was done. (Yeah, right!)