Monthly Archives: November 2016

Wednesday 30th November 2016.

Still very cold for the early bike-ride but no problems after puncture fixed yesterday. One ‘net provider was getting pricey so another takes-over today for about half the cost. It all seems okay – so far. New ‘phone number too, after over 30 years. Hopefully that’ll prevent a few erm, unsolicited calls.
Fun front suggests a £3.00p per week O.A.Pension rise next April – they’ve stuck to the 2.5% or one of the inflation figures to figure it out. £3.00p a week. Earth-shattering eh? For those on the ‘new’ mega-pension it’ll be a whopping £4.00 a week – or just a touch less …
The last The Missing tonight. It’s very complex but some say it’s great. Not sure. Didn’t watch Secrets and Lies soap last night. It’s dragging-on far too long.
Actually been watching Roy Orbison (the late great) on Youtube. Quite brilliant.

Tuesday 29th November 2016.

Wintry at the moment and we do have to stay-in in case stuff arrives by post etc. But a good ride out a bit later along freezing roads and tow-paths. Sadly got a puncture near Elton Sailing Club which is (roughly) the furthest point from home in the daily circuit. So whichever way you go the walk home is the same (DOH!). It’s fixed now. The same thing happens when it rains – it’s always at furthest point of ride. Pics, taken today, under Withins Bridge, frozen canal along Hinds Lane and a very calm Elton Reservoir now with more water.
On the fun front there’s talk of making CEO’s of Private firms explain why they’re getting massive pay rises. At the same time an nhs ‘boss’ whinges that the nhs is badly stretched. He’s on £200,000.00p per year. Mmm … ‘massive pay rise’ must be variable eh?
Watched the first Captain America film last night. Despite the ads it’s brill. His leading lady is in the TV show Conviction and the mad scientist is Mr. Manwaring from Dad’s Army. Great Voldemort-esque baddie – Hydra – too.

Monday 28th November 2016.

Cold early this morning but still okay for bikes with no icy roads. Pic taken yesterday afternoon at Elton Reservoir which is more or less fully back in water.
On the fun front a self-employed driver is fined £150.00p for not displaying a No Smoking sign in his van. Mmm … better get one on the (works) bike eh?
A ‘small’ energy supply company has gorn bust. This is a chaotic ‘business’. One supplier here wanted nearly all O.A. Pension, per month! Currently paying token amount to another supplier while over-payment is evened-out over a few months. (£10.00p per month – yes, £10!) Crazy business. ‘Phone and ‘net stuff is similar.
Latest nightmare for Amazon Indie authors is the ‘refund’. Folk buy your book, read it, then send it back for a full refund. Natch many ‘Bookshelves’ (their sales pages) are already blocked by authors. It’s all good fun.
Planet Earth II again shows nature at its most ‘raw’ with one animal preying on another. Okay, this can be horrific, but they never show a Giant Hogweed plant. But this would be horror extra-ordinaire, and you only need visit riversides around Greater Manchester, in the summer months, to get dissolved by one.
Watched Humans last night and that gets more and more ‘horrific’ – if that’s the right word. Gemma Khan is awesome as the Synth’ number one. But now others are joining the show and last night, for first time, Synth’ children appeared … it’s scary (ish), original and above all interesting with not a gun or badge in sight. (But there is a copper on the trail …)

Sunday 27th November 2016.

Cold-ish again this morning but no white frost so an easy walk out and back. Swans and two cygnets at the icy wharf, but they look okay. Right now a huge black cloud hovers low – snow? Quite possible.
As one ‘net supplier’s once £29.99p monthly bill now tops £50.00p (‘It won’t ever go up.’) another is sourced and ‘booked’ for about half the price. An online bought tablet – less than £100.00p – works well on Android. A simple case has a plug-in key-board and all leads – including TV htmi – work fine. Jack Reacher film was only average though … mind you, five foot six Tom Cruise playing six foot five Jack Reacher … ?
Weather really good at about one o’clock so out on bike for an hour or so. Elton Reservoir is up to proper water-levels and the sailing boats were out even without much wind.
First Res. pic taken from embankment looking towards Black Lane, Radcliffe. Second Res. Pic from footbridge near boat-club. Umpteen ducks, gulls, geese, and a swan or two I think.
Good weather this affy but routes/paths are still a bit muddy. Thorns along farm lanes. Take care out there.

Saturday 26th November 2016.

White frost this morning and so a walk rather than a dodgy bike-ride along icy roads. Wintry around the wharf.
Also out for a walk was Bella, a rather large St. B.
On the fun front Black Friday did extremely well in the States they say, but flopped over here. (The DOW booms at the moment) Here Jaguar mention their need for another 10,000 workers to satisfy demand and Rolls-Royce is voted best firm to work for. But, after Autumn Statement tax-rises the O.A.Pension ‘triple-lock’ is under govern-mental threat. Well, you can’t spend what you haven’t got! (Unless you’re a UK government.)

Friday 25th November 2016.

Fine again, after a white frost, this morning – great for bikes and an easy six-miler early on. Pic from October when they put water back into Elton Reservoir.
A Bury Road ‘road-up’ is clear – but there’s one near Town Hall off Water Street along the back street by the taxi-office. This one is nasty if you’re turning left into that back street – you can’t see the ‘road-up’ until you turn and it’s right near the corner. Take care around there. There is a ‘one lane’ temporary traffic lights system again on Bolton Road near Mile Lane where the new housing estate is being built. If on a bike a good idea is walking – pavement is clear this side – then mounting up when back along the cycle lane a few yards further up the hill.
Mrs C went M/C yesterday to watch/listen to Royal Phil. backing Elvis at M.E.N. Arena. Apparently M/C was already heaving with myriad M/C United fans getting prep’d for evening’s Euro match – which, she learned later, they’d won.
On the fun front govern-mental budget ‘small-print’ reveals a tax threshold raising with ‘one hand’, while national insurance thresholds rein-in more £ with the other. Budgets always increase taxes – usually nowadays by obfuscated stealth. This is a good example. A few folk will be marginally better-off but most will simply pay more national insurance – which, they say, isn’t a ‘tax’. Really they’re right – it’s an investment. From it we get O.A.Pensions and nhs services – which, for national insurance payers, aren’t benefits but are investment returns.
Also on the fun front – some climate-change quango has advised that the new Heathrow expansion might be illegal as it would cause a breach of emission limits.
And one or two ancient poli’s are still on about reversing Brexit – one is T. Blair. One is John Major.
Coy JKR is probably a £billionaire by now many assessors agree. She just plays it down to a few £mill to appear ‘everyday’? Luckily she didn’t sign-up with Amazon, who just send your royalties direct to uncle sam!

Thursday 24th November 2016.

Colder but dry and windless this morning so an easy six-mile out and about. Pic taken last August when the sun came out.
On the fun front there was a kind of budget thing yesterday. As ever, taxes and the national debt went up. End of story. They’re also ‘looking into’ the ‘triple-lock’ ‘formula’ for deciding the yearly increase in Old Age Pensions. The ‘formula’ actually uses one of the (various?) %figures for inflation as a guide. That there are various inflation figures is a good pointer to the mathematical prowess of all those govern-mental. Another is the national debt. Apparently bicycles, as a ‘business tax perk’ (?), still are. Heating Allowance is in – cool eh?
Watched a US cop-show called Conviction last night. It’s a bit like New Tricks but natch they have umpteen on the public payroll in US not just four. It’s complex, contrived and, to be honest, rubbish and translating some of the weird US forms of spoken English gets ever harder.

Tuesday 22nd November 2016.

Much better weather this morning for the six mile out and about around Radcliffe/Bury. The new rescue training centre (Thunderbirds) nears completion – at least from here it looks pretty good. But temporary lights are up along Bolton Road again so watch-out for long traffic tail-backs – nearly to Bury this morning.
Pic two is of Kaffie, a one-time very speedy racing greyhound. Her owner used to frequent Belle-Vue regularly. Murphy was also out and about this morning and he’s doing very well after medical treatment.
It’s a bit wet out but not cold or windy today.
On the fun front borrowing for October was less than expected at £4,300,000,000.00p rather than £6,000,000,000.00p. It’s still mind-blowing for one month!
Amazon say that The Grand Tour was their biggest success so far. It was pretty good.
Talking of Amazon … and their American market …

Monday 21st November 2016.

Non-stop rain this morning so any out and abouts have been postponed. Pic is from last January.
On the fun front things continue to improve employment-wise. Now Facebook mention large future £ investments for both premises and jobs. (Skilled ones, not just minimal-wage stuff) Already Mrs May hints at a lower corporation tax – to be outdone, percentage-wise by Mr Trump – she’ll have to go lower, possibly down to 15/16% rather than the present 20%. Poor old aunty is having to shove umpteen employees fully ‘on the books’ rather than having them as subbies – a ‘facility’ for construction industry employers who either had time to do tax-forms etc., or time to do constructing. They simply couldn’t do both.
Mmm … nigh-on one o’clock. Relentless rain beats at misted window-panes as some unseen benefactor deposits a welcome Amazonian groat or two…
Been reading a new Sherlock Holmes book. Quite good too.