Monthly Archives: December 2016

Saturday 31st December 2016.

Dull and murky this morning but not cold for the early bike-ride. Pictured is the new lecky pylon being built by the river Irwell near Bury.
‘New building’ is also in the msm too with councils being urged not to dig-up the greenbelt until after Brexit. There will too be umpteen houses available as the (so called) baby-boomers die out. And, as said before, farmland – not used under eu cap rules – will be needed. In the same ‘building’ vein, the guy that heads the dept. for international development, he’s on £165,000.00p a year, is knighted despite his dept. wasting £285,000,000.00p on that airport at St. Helena where it’s too windy for planes to land. Defo the fun front that one!
Ken Dodd is, at long last, knighted!
The ftse is at an ‘all-time’ high. Give it a bit of time and it’ll be at an all-time low.
A donkey in the Derby is a better bet.
Best wishes for The New Year!

Friday 30th December 2016.

Not too cold but really misty this morning with icy roads at first. So a later bike-ride when things had thawed a bit. Very misty around Banana Walk and Radcliffe canal mid-day.
Spooky along there but ‘interesting’ for the camera. Strangely there were quite a few bikers about – one an under ten-year-old on (probably) a Christmas present bmx, with her dad I think as they were too fast for me …
One Direction Boy-Band pulled £90,000,000.00p in the past year. Mmm … I’ll tune me new guitar and hit the road I think – while I’m young enough …
Pic five taken at the water inlet near the sailing club. As I stood there a single file of silent waddling Mallard ducks strode and/or paddled, like Doctor Who’s Cybermen, toward me as I stood on a footbridge over the inlet. Then came Canada Geese, then gulls. All walking toward a possible food-source stood on a small bridge …
I didn’t stand there long …

Thursday 29th December 2016.

Bleak out-back earlier with a heavy white frost again. But okay for a walk rather than a ride.
Umpteen twitchers visit a Cotswold ‘village’ as a rare Blue Rock Thrush (Starling-sized bird) has been spotted there. Just sparrows here. And starlings.
On the fun front that nice Mr. Cameron has been tipped as a future nato big-wig. Mind you he’s already pulling £2,000.00p per minute (they say) on the yak circuits, so it’ll be a big pay-drop! Strangely none of ’em use this £pulling expertise when in charge of the country’s finances.
And now Princess Leia’s mother has died. Really sad week.

Wednesday 28th December 2016.

Far colder this morning with a heavy white frost. Okay later for two wheels and a slow ride along part of Radcliffe canal. Not many folk out and about today.
On the fun front nhs hospitals pulled £120,000,000.00p from parking charges and fines last year. I mean, as if being ill isn’t bad enough eh?
Apparently The Queen is in favour of Brexit.
Much of last night’s tv was an advert for various Harry Potter spin-offs – the latest film, some theme-park somewhere and of course the book series in general. A shortish prog., now and then, on the series, is okay, but last night it was far too blatant. Daniel Radcliffe, it’s reported, is now ‘worth’ £64,000,000.00p. Well done!
Princess Leia has died. Really sad eh?

Tuesday 27th December 2016.

Windfree and surprisingly warm (yes!?) this morning for the early bike-ride. Plenty of bikes out too. Pic was taken yesterday at Elton Res., the sun was a bit bright, this morning, and photo’s are ‘wiped-out’ by it. Large gaggles of geese and flocks of gulls and other birds at Elton’s ‘shallow-end’ near the sailing club. Bird feeders again swarming with smaller birds.
Near our front path bulbs are up – only Bluebells we think but they’re up.
Princess Leia is ‘stable’ I read. Good news!
The fun front seems to have faded under ‘populism’ and the Queen pulls more viewers than Strictly and/or Bake Off. Bake Off? Have you ever watched it? Good grief!
Sad about George Micheal, I suppose. Not really a fan. But, in (or around) 1987 Roy Orbison did a TV show – Black and White Night – and here’s (All I can do is ) Dream You, from it. Check out the stars backing him!

Monday 26th December 2016.

A breezy, cold, Boxing Day but good for getting out and about off the beaten tracks. Quiet around Radcliffe canal with some good waves on Elton Reservoir. Pics taken with me new camera.
While pic two was taken the wind blew me bike away from reservoir wall!
Have seen, over the weeks, umpteen bird-feeders high up a tree. How, why and who shoved ’em there was answered this morning as a local twitcher was re-filling a few feeders and he didn’t mind a pic being taken of the feeders. Birds there today, Finches, Tits, Woodpeckers, Wood Pigeons, and Magpies and Blackbirds would probably arrive for a (lower) feed when we had gone. A good few minutes spent just watching umpteen birds ‘attacking’ the feeders!

Saturday 24th December 2016.

Dull, windy but warm this morning and, as we hear of Spatial Frameworks decimating the greenbelt locally, a few shots of Elton and Withins Reservoirs while they still exist. It’s a bit muddy around Withins Res. Elton Embankment very breezy. Good walks though around there.
Natch there were waves on ’em this morning as Storm Barbara (well, the tail-end of it) was blowing a gale.
Winter ‘sales’ are expected to pull a swift £9,000,000,000.00p this year. (Gotta get a market stall!)
Sadly Princess Leia has had a major heart attack. Hope she’s okay …
Meanwhile, Merry Christmas all!

Friday 23rd December 2016.

Dull again this morning but not too cold for the early bike-ride along clearer roads now that most schools are out. Pic from October, but watched City of Wells for a few minutes this morning too – I think it’s a Santa Special. Lots of activity up at Bolton Street Station with, I’m sure, an actual Santa. Most workers there are volunteers. Compare that with the £685,000.00p annual pay a railway ‘gaffer’ down south gets – another gets over £500,000.00p for a four day week. And they’re on strike!
No Storm Barbara yet, but it is a bit windy and rainy. Nothing unusual around here.

Thursday 22nd December 2016.

White frost this morning so a later bike-ride around Radcliffe and Bury. Pic is of a local farm lane that might not exist for much longer if ‘Spatial Framework’ plans for local greenbelt land go ahead. Withins Reservoir (pics asap) is to go apparently. Locally there is ‘brownfield land’ that could be re-developed, but no, it’s gotta be the greenbelt. Group: Bury against Spatial Framework, is at Facebook.
New lecky pylon near Wellington Street is coming along (pic two)