Monthly Archives: January 2017

Tuesday 31st January 2017.

Heavy rain early-on so a later bike-ride when it had died-off. Still dull and murky but not too cold or windy. Pic taken in November. Took a look around riverbanks at Warth and Wellington Street but no ‘new’ Hogweed growths spotted. There are several behind Close Park. River levels are quite low but the Archimedes Screw is churning nicely, while a Heron patrolled the nearby islands. Naturally all off-road paths and trails are muddy – take care riding ’em. Daisyfield is, in part, very clean after brill work by volunteers.
Apparently Storm Doris is on her way with 10 days of 100 mph gales and -10c temperatures. Mmm … winter like it used to be!

Monday 30th January 2017.

Dull again but no frost, wind or rain so an easy ride out earlier. Keeping an eye on riverbanks for ‘new’ Hogweed growths. It might be a bumper year.
Watched another good Endeavour last night. A new series is planned. Thursday got a medal, (as did Morse) and I wonder if they’ll ‘retire’ him, Thursday, and let Morse ‘take over’?
The Apple Yard thing isn’t up to much.

Sunday 29th January 2017.

On the dull side but at least you can get the bike out without getting soaked, frozen or blown all over the place. And, look how clean the local bike-route is. So a good six-miler easily done earlier when road ice had thawed a bit.
A ‘clear-out’ brought to light some old CD’s and DVD’s – some were Octamed related; some with old sound samples used in the Octamed programme. The sample files are in aiff format – which is an Amiga format (there’s a name from the past!). Octamed is a Windows programme (a kind of app.) With a bit of tinkering it’s all working again (via Linux) – after maybe ten or fifteen years. It all runs far better on a more modern pc.
On the fun front The Direktor of Food Safety at The Food Standards Agency (he’s on £195,000.00p a year) warns against burning food too much as it might cause cancer. He burns his own though it appears.
More banks and building society’s will be closing branches. Mmm … not a lot in ’em perhaps … shop rates ain’t cheap lately. I mean, £195,000.00p a year takes some funding eh?
But Jaguar/Land Rover enjoy a best sales year for 17 years with record exports.

Friday 27th January 2017.

A bit icy again and so a walk to Radcliffe this morning. There’s a large crane around the site of the exploding River Irwell bridge – either that or someone’s nicking the exploded metal! The path leading to the flood-damaged bridge is closed – in summer it’s a Hogweed forest.
Canal pic, on the way back, was really wintry.
Front-page msm news seems to be the new Bake-Off judging panel.
Watched Death in Paradise last night and they’re still not bad. More a who-dun-it puzzle than anything. The airplane and motor-bike scenes at the end were brill – good old bikes the Enfields. Even an old New Tricks, later, was okay.
Update: Nipped out on bike about 2.30 – absolutely fleain. Got back about 3.00.

Wednesday 25th January 2017.

White frost early-on but it thawed quickly under a bright sun. Radcliffe canal was a sheet of ice – as was much of Elton Res, with umpteen sea-birds walking across it. Quite a sight.
In pic two the distant white building right of centre is the new Rescue/Training Centre – at what was the northern (Bury) end of canal.
Daisyfield Greenway and adjacent bike-routes/footpaths have been cleaned-up and cleared of muddy rotting leaves etc making things much easier/safer for those on foot or two wheels.
On the fun front there’s ‘warnings’ of temporary peers to get Brexit ‘legalities’ through lords/parliament – deemed ‘hand to hand combat’ by pundits. (Why bother? Just dump the friggin’ lords!)
And the h.o.commons dumps 650,000 plastic coffee cup things into landfill or incinerators yearly. Just get ordinary (ceramic) cups and wash ’em out. DOH!!!
It’s been revealed, after about 40 years, that two nuclear submarines; one US, one USSR, collided off Scottish coast. They were ‘carrying’. I mean, all that sea, yet they still collide … mmm, the fun front eh?
Wood-burners are being blamed for recent London fog that’s worse than fog in Bejing.
And, finally, national debt is £1,698,100,000,000.00p with yearly interest of £40,000,000,000.00p. Yep. The fun front.
Watched an old Death in Paradise last night. The older ones were, imo, better. Fell asleep during old New Tricks.

Tuesday 24th January 2017.

Icy this morning and so a walk later to a thawing Radcliffe. Pic, taken a few days ago, is of the small wood at Close Park. It wasn’t too cold a bit later – about normal for time of year.
Radcliffe Market Hall looks a lot better with quite a few ‘new’ stalls.
On the fun front certain folk are doing all they can to thwart basic democracy. Nuff said. Apparently the old Bodmin Jail is to be turned into a hotel. (So what’s new eh?) And The Foods Standards Agency is up in arms about burnt foods (such as spuds and meat) carrying a cancer-causing substance in the carbonised (blackened) parts of the food. This, imo, is most definitely not the case! Mrs Maybe plans to ‘slash bureaucracy’. I’m sure I’ve heard every pm say that at some time! It never happens.

Monday 23rd January 2017.

A touch of mist this morning and it’s cold. But nothing like the -7c or ‘Toxic Fog’ mentioned in msm today. (Pics of cyclists at a foggy Blackpool – I mean, so what’s new?) Talking of cyclists; a British Heart Foundation survey (of 2000 folk) found that 1 in 8 couldn’t ride a bike and/or 1 in 10 had forgotten how. And cops in one area of London (at least) won’t be prosecuting cyclists who, for safety reasons, ride on pavement.
But, on the fun front, M1 motorists may be limited to 60 mph, as an emission reducer. And Russian boffins now claim that 1908 Tunguska ‘explosion’ wasn’t caused by a meteor or comet.
Watched something described as ‘a thriller’ called Apple Tree Yard last night. Well, watched some of it as it did induce sleep. It was more or less the old ‘Butterflies’ with the very funny Wendy Craig. This prog. wasn’t funny. Or thrilling. Or romantically intense – but, strangely, Endeavour, as he detected well and located Thursday’s daughter, was all these things.
‘Toxic Fog’ – love it!
And, finally, there were 18,000 folk at Donny Osmond’s MEN Arena Tour start show on Saturday night. Mrs C was one of ’em – with her sister.

Sunday 22nd January 2017.

Really cold again and with a touch of snow for the early Radcliffe/Bury bike-ride. (Strangely, in UK and US, umpteen (overweight?) folk are out a’marching. This is good – but you need to do it daily to get any (health) benefits from it!) It’s still snowing a little. Normal for time of year. Pic is of greenbelt land off Bolton Road soon to be built upon. They are already building a hundred yards to the left. Pic will be rare very soon.
Very cold UK weather forecast for next week. We’ll see eh?
On the fun front Mrs Maybe suggests a (post Brexit) sort of college to teach folk practical manual skills like building, etc. Yawn. Who will do the teaching? And for how much?