Monthly Archives: March 2017

Friday 31st March 2017.

A bit more sun this morning so an easy six-mile out and about earlier. Pic, of part of Radcliffe Canal, from January this year.
The fun front, with its £50,000,000,000.00p eu demand (extortion?) and its Irma Bunt (?) like leader, gets more like a Bond novel daily – but Spectre only asked for £100,000,000.00p – in gold bullion. Such is inflation eh?
Watched Prime Suspect last night (last one next week). Last week, 24th March, I wrote, ‘… her detective guy might be sacrificed to give her real, strong motivation …’ Mmm, guess he has been. Not a bad show – it’s just dragged-out too much. She found the green necklace clue too last night. A bit simples, but, hey ho, its detection for a change.
Mrs C has been shoving Nyger Seeds in bird feeders for quite a while. Today spotted our first Goldfinch – they feed on the seeds.

Thursday 30th March 2017.

Rain again this morning so the biked out and about postponed. A walk, later, instead. Swans okay at canal. Pic is of Banana Walk earlier this month – it’s similar today – rain threatened all the time.
Credit Card debt, in UK, reached £67,000,000,000.00p. Nearly 10% up on last year. Yet they keep increasing taxes …
Westinghouse, the firm that knocks-out nuclear-reactors – some for Moorside, Cumbria – has gorn bust. No reactors for Cumbria. Start shoveling that coal …
The fun front makes a start with Brexit; they want £50,000,000,000.00p at eu in order to start negotiating. Really, to get the folk there actually doing something, it would be quite cheap. Some £ non-contributing countries will be panicking right now; the thought of work mind-numbing perhaps, as a major £ contributor, The UK, files for Brexit.
On the Really Interesting front a ‘new’ Tyrannosaurus-like Dino’ has been dug-up in Montana. It had small horns and a bony ‘face’. Slightly smaller than T-Rex they’ve named it Daspletosaurus Horneri – Horner’s Frightful Lizard. Mmm … that six-foot diameter footprint, earlier this week, really makes you think about what hasn’t been discovered yet!

Tuesday 28th March 2017.

Fine again this morning and, after a major re-fit the old bike runs great. (Bottom-bracket axle was running well out of true. New one fitted.) The bike has now been used at least 5 years almost daily for a five to ten mile morning ride.
Pics taken of greenbelt land along Bolton Road. These will be rare shortly …
The fun front isn’t just UK based: Belarus was once part of Soviet Russia and they’re going to ‘fine’ (tax) folk for being poor. (I.e., working less than 183 days per year.) Mmm … a possible windfall for our politico’s with the erm, right approach perhaps …?
Our £12,200,000,000.00p foreign aid costs £241,000,000.00p annually to administer …
B.t. have been ‘fined’ (taxed?) £42,000,000.00p by ofcom. Who will, at the end of the day, pay for this?
On the Really Interesting Front: a ‘new species of milipede has been found under a rock in Wales (?). It looks a bit like a centipede and is about two inches long. Experts say it’s a sensational discovery …
A large ‘black cat’ has been photographed in Scottish Highlands and the pics are as good as mine. But, most interesting, a dino’ footprint, nearly six feet in diameter, has been found. The biggest so far has been just over three feet. So, there was one massive sauropod, at least, plodding about at one time.
Wonder if they’ll find one of those in Scottish Highlands, or under a rock in Wales? Why is nowt found in England?

Monday 27th March 2017.

Dry, sunny, but a bit cold for the out and about but the old bike was well covered in months of muck and the bottom-bracket was badly worn. So major work today to clean the bike, (a bit) fit new gear cables and a new bottom bracket axle with bearings. A new rear gear derailleur was fitted at same time. This morning the bottom bracket was noisy and several other bike riders looked at me bike in dismay … it looks a bit better now, with no noises.
Pic two is of Tasmanian Devil, which isn’t extinct and is Tasmania’s biggest carnivore.
The Tasmanian Tiger (a bit like a dog) is technically extinct but folk reckon they keep seeing it. (There’ll be a few down Radcliffe canal.)

Sunday 26th March 2017.

Sunny bit nippy for the morning’s bike-ride. Pic taken yesterday – both swans okay.
Folk here are trying to get a new ‘phone working. Good job I don’t need one. Mmm … ‘net has gorn orf … doh! It’s back on.
Fun front’s a bit quiet – but Brexit very shortly.
In the past, had you wanted something noxious (say) to go away …
you’d have simply (over) taxed it…
Like heavy engineering, railways, coal, car-making …

Saturday 25th March 2017.

Sunny and warm again with little or no wind so an easy canal ride on the bike. Both wharf swans okay. Further along canal unofficial ponds – lakes? – are home to umpteen gulls and Canada Geese.
Elton Reservoir waveless and with many gulls.
River Irwell level is about a metre down around Warth.
Many folk out and about around the lanes and bike-routes. Several twitchers along canal tow-path looking at something …
Maybe it was a Tasmanian Tiger. Folk reckon they’ve spotted the striped marsupial, that’s supposed to be extinct, in Tasmania? Or Oz?
Mmm … folk are cutting trees down around our back yard. One is a nightmare – it keeps sun out. Hope that goes …

Friday 24th March 2017.

Sunny and nearly warm this morning as they remove trees from the little park next to Radcliffe Metrolink Station embankment. Dunno why they’re shifting ’em.
But a good ride this morning along canal to Elton Reservoir – which is well full. Might be a swan missing at Radcliffe wharf.
Watched a Heron for a while near the scaffolded bridge but getting a pic of ’em is near impossible – they just fly off.
Deep water by the new footbridge has made the new footpath just mud – should have been higher – but the ducks are liking it around there.
A walk to Radcliffe and back this affy was sunny and warm.
On the fun front dear old beeb tried to stage a Strictly show – tickets £70.00p plus various other attraction costs, actually up to (and over!) £400.00p. Natch very few takers so they’ve shelved it. Mmm … not as easy as it looks this Private Sector is it?
Watched the new Prime Suspect episode last night. It’s getting soapy and dragged-out but, as the plot goes, her Detective guy might be sacrificed (oh yes) to give her real, strong motive(s) to catch killers and, soon, bank robbers. There are a few clues being shown already. Not bad. Alun Armstrong – ex New Tricks – a good baddie.

Wednesday 22nd March 2017.

Solid rain again today so no out and about as yet. Some folk further north have had several inches of snow so shouldn’t moan. (Rain’s actually gorn orf a bit)
Geely, Chinese car firm, will make new electric taxi-cabs (and vans) in England. Meanwhile diesels get another slating in msm over emissions. The eu sets emission levels for cars apparently. Erm, buses? Lorries? Trains?
On the fun front I noticed that £1,300,000,000.00p is available for a few new prisons. Puts a new slant on affordable housing eh?
Dry enough for a quick, two mile or so, out and about in between rain showers. Spots of rain and it’s pretty cold with low winds.