Friday 21st April 2017.

Dull again this morning and, for a few minutes, spots of rain fell as huge dark clouds covered Radcliffe … mmm … normality!
Okay for the bike-ride and, up at Bury South, 13065 steamed over the level-crossing while I waited. (Got soaked – again!) I believe 60009 is running but couldn’t hang about; a guy was coming to fit flooring … (which is brill. See Tradesmen page.)
I think 60009 runs tomorrow too. I’ll oil me camera.
From there a Daisyfield bike-route to Elton Reservoir and a windy, cloudy embankment ride. A few folk were about despite dull weather. Plenty of water in the Res.
From there farm-lanes and canal tow-path were quiet with spots of rain.
On the fun front several polis and even poli assistants (?) are jacking it in.
Banks, in the eu, are having ‘recovery’ problems due to E1,000,000,000,000.00c (one trillion euro) bad debts!
A dormouse bridge, (really!) that cost £190,000.00p to build over a road in Wales, has been weather-damaged and eu folk say we must repair it at £63,000.00p cost. Mmm … of mice and men eh? And they want us to stay in?!?
Away from all that silliness, last year normal folk spent £154,000,000,000.00p on stuff via The Internet. And that doesn’t include Amazon and iTune sales.
Rumour pervades that a large contributor to this was a ‘Mrs C of Radcliffe’!

2 thoughts on “Friday 21st April 2017.

  1. dot

    Nice train pics. I like dormice but a bridge bonkers. Don’t know how to buy stuff on the internet so I wont be contributing. Bathroom looks really great, like the new seat.

  2. Condor Post author

    Clocked 60009 this (Sat.) morning. It’s massive – like Mallard only green. Many at gates watching.
    Go to (a) web-site – click-on summat. Pay with bank card. It’ll arrive by post a few days later.
    Bathroom okay. Black seat with sequins … doh, everything has to have sequins …


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