Tuesday 25th April 2017.

Very cold around Radcliffe/Bury greenbelt areas this morning. Rain, hail, snow, has been forecast, so bike-riding takes-on an adventurous slant today! (Especially with the side-wind along the embankment and canal).
Not to mention Buffalo herds. Beyond them (pic Two) is the Metrolink line and then Bury Road. The nearby farmhouse was re-built in 1872 so heaven knows when the original was built. But even then the canal – even the reservoir, were ‘old’; the farm-lanes main-roads for horses, carts, and pony-traps?
Along the lane, over an old brick bridge that spans the canal feeding stream, then another road bridge, leads, eventually to a Metrolink level-crossing. Just before that Giant Hogweeds are growing fast. The leaves on this monster are bike-wheel size and it’s easily three feet tall.
Take care along there – several there this morning were seemingly oblivious.
From there a quiet-ish ride along the canal to Radcliffe – this morning (easily – doh!) ‘paced’ by a lady ‘jogger’ who flew up Banana Walk as if it didn’t exist.
Two Olympic cyclists got CBE’s at Buckingham Palace. (The Kenny’s)
There’s hope yet …

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