Thursday 27th April 2017.

Rainy so a very short and sharp out and about earlier. (asda delivery expected …) It’s cold too. Yet Royal Horticultural Society are on about how UK gardens will change due to Globa … sorry, climate change. They picture palm trees etc. The reality might be snow-caps and glaciers with folk growing stuff in igloos!
Pic is from March and of Withins Bridge. Folk go all over, spend a fortune sight-seeing, but that little canal bridge (which is still used) has been on national telly as much as, if not more than, many renowned sights.
On the fun front folk on huge salaries are trying to decide whether to carry-on with, or ditch, the Old Age Pension ‘triple-lock’. This keeps O.A. Pensions up to scratch inflation-wise. It’s currently around 2.5% which costs the place £6,000,000,000.00p a year. Compare with eu costs and/or (say) hs2 (which is already costing a bomb and not a sleeper laid yet) and getting (say) 10,000,000 votes for six billion quid ain’t cheap. Hence the dilemma.
(Latest on this seems to be ‘no action as yet’ by Mrs Maybe. Election eh?)

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  1. Condor Post author

    Yep Co-op bridge. I was riding there one morning and loads of folk were along the canal bank (like fishermen). There was a hearse on the bridge going toward Warth. The only place that road goes to is Crow Trees Farm so I thought someone there (they’re not that old?) had died. Strangely all the fisherfolk were laughing and joking as I rode past. Funny eh? I mentioned it to Mrs C. A week or two later saw the advert on TV. DOH!!!!

    Mmm … triple-lock is one thing, now some dingbat has suggested stopping O.A.Pension for ‘rich’ folk. I mean, who decides who is ‘rich’.


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