Friday 28th April 2017.

Much better weather this morning, no rain or drizzle and there was sun and no wind. Blue/Green algaea apart Elton Reservoir was almost picturesque. (There’s the remains of a car in it at the shallow end.)
Pic Three is of Old Hall Farm by Elton Reservoir. It’s spooky of a night around there and those funny cattle don’t help either. (Pic Two)
An easy ride back to (sunny) Radcliffe along the canal and the first Coot chicks were spotted. (Pic Four)
Then, along banana, a massive Thistle plant.
This is about a yard tall and about as wide. You don’t often see ’em that big nowadays as folk just dig ’em up and dump ’em. Nettles, along there, are a metre tall – will get taller and there definitely was a Goldfinch along there this morning. These are too fast for fingers and camera!
One or two very rare black foxes have been photographed in West Yorkshire. Must keep an eye out. You never know.
On the fun front some (probably funded) dingbat has suggested stopping the Old Age Pension for ‘rich’ folk. When they stop lottery-win like pension funds for those in the public the idea might be given thought. But only after all the money those ‘rich’ (Private) workers (don’t forget!) have paid-in, via tax & national insurance (for their pensions) over the years, has been returned with interest. Old Age Pensions are an Investment Return, not a benefit.
In this country an O.A.Pension is one of the lowest, with very modest yearly ‘rises’ based on inflation. (So they’re not rises) Pension Credit, a vital ‘top-up’ for an Old Age Pension, is means-tested! How’s that for archaic?
The eu has shaded-out The UK in its (new) maps of the area.

2 thoughts on “Friday 28th April 2017.

  1. dot

    Is Old Hall Farm inhabited ,it does look a bit spooky. Pensions’ true, should leave them alone. Got todays blog text ok but just blank spaces where pics should be!!!

  2. Condor Post author

    Old Hall inhabited – farmer has the Highlanders – and a couple of sheepdogs.
    UK Pension is lowest in europe!


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