Sunday 30th April 2017.

Cool but dry for the two-wheeled out and about and a Hogweed ‘shoot’ has been spotted along Daisyfield Greenway. This can only get bigger. (It looks like the UK variety.) Take care along there though Giant Hogweed was there last year. 13065 steamer was up at Bury South smoking, but I give ’em enough free adverts here. (It’s awesome really)
That clever duck was on Elton Res. again. Not a very good pic (Pic Two). (In msm they have pics where you have to find (say) a hidden mountain lion or something. Here it’s a tiny duck – I think it’s a Ruddy Duck – on a huge lake. Good eh?)
Highlander herd were near canal path – with a fishing Heron by Dolly Brook. Busy along there this morning.
But then, back home, a ‘test-ride’ in a BMW i3 electric car. (Pic Four)
When you get in it’s just like any modern-style car. But the road wheels do look a bit big on the outside. Okay. Inside there’s no real ‘dashboard’. Just a couple of ‘screens’ for the driver – one’s a Sat-Nav the other has speed and general running data like how much juice is left in the battery. So there’s plenty of room up front for a passenger. Then, once moving, the weird thing is – no noise. It’s virtually silent inside. No vibration. Nothing – has it actually got an engine? Well, no it hasn’t. But it moves well from traffic-lights and can easily travel 100 miles on a charge. Nipped down to asda, picked stuff up, reasonable boot-space and plenty of rear-seat passenger room. Charging isn’t difficult (I was told) with charge-points increasing in number. Mmm … not a motorway speedster but ideal transport for general road driving. Not bad eh?
And, it’s a beamer.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 30th April 2017.

  1. dot

    Think the duck is in the centre , towards the top of the res. What’s the red thing? Great video, thought you weren’t advertising!! Who’s the car 🚗 and can you plug them in at home?

  2. Condor Post author

    Yep. Duck two thirds up, centre. Red thing’s a buoy for the sailing boats. Video taken yesterday. Mark’s car. You can plug in at home but a special extension needed really. Good car.


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