Monthly Archives: June 2017

Monday 19th June 2017.

Really warm again this morning and the Hogweed pictured for a day or two finally blooms – modestly as yet – but it’ll get far bigger …
But must dissassemble all things desk and pc here as the north wing needs an upgrade like the rest of upstairs. So, no more posting.

Sunday 18th June 2017.

Really sunny and warm for biked eight-miler this morning. Wildflowers are doing well in backyards – one, Snakes-Head Fritillary is quite rare … (Seeds saved – it’s a bulb actually)
Mmm … Gunnera ‘forest’. There are tadpoles in pond and Goldfinches at the feeders. So not a bad summer so far.
Around the lanes farmers are doing a bit of grass-mowing. And that nearly blooming Hogweed (see yesterday’s post and pix) gets a bit closer to blooming …
Across the river it’s Hogweed Heaven …
Up at Bury South a small steamer went past – No. 813, I think they call ’em ‘saddle-tank’ locomotives. Got a few movie pix of it.
Fun front is (as ever) chaos at the moment. One poli wants to, well, steal empty mansions and houses …erm, what’s wrong with folk grafting then buying one, if they want one?
No wonder Phil the Greek is retiring from his royal duties. When in uniform the poor bugger has to cart around seventeen yep, seventeen friggin’ medals, all stuck on his jacket.

Saturday 17th June 2017.

Warm, humid and with plenty of sun early on for the bike-ride. But it dulled a little despite still being very warm. Little wind (so maybe a ‘sailing-day’?) at Elton – pic one taken by Old Hall across the shallow-end. Pic two from Old Hall to deep end.
Not far away from there a Giant Hogweed stem rises up, along river Irwell banks, its flower-head getting ready to open; its seed ready for dispersal … pic three.
While getting this pic – the Hogweed was say ten feet away – another hogweed plant was almost invisible only inches away in the three foot high hedgerow. Take care along there.

Friday 16th June 2017.

Slight detour this morning to check-out Hogweeds along the goyt next to that big Bury Radcliffe Garden Centre. They’re blooming and around ten feet tall. In pic two the fence is at least eight feet high …
Had to pause for a few minutes at Bury South (Baron Street) as Witherslack Hall was on its way up to the station.
From there took the low-road along where the pylon used to be and checked-out riverbank Hogweeds near footbridge.
Some plants there have been trashed – and trees felled (?) but those pictured are eight to ten feet tall.
Large yellow bloomed wild plant at Benny’s (Farmers Arms) demolition site. Dunno what it is – Bird’s Foot Trefoil? Slight resemblance to online pics.
On the fun front student loan debt is now a cool ¬£100,000,000,000.00p. It’s up 17% in the past year.
Mmm … everything is debt ain’t it?

Thursday 15th June 2017.

Okay for an early out and about on the bike but some big black clouds over Elton Reservoir.
Reservoir embankment sides are full of Dandelion-like yellow wildflowers. (Pic three) Think they’re Common Catsear (Hypochaeris radicata) which is a relative of the Dandelions (Asters?)
River Irwell banks are presently rife with Blooming Giant Hogweed. One Hogweed stem, by Hinds Lane footpath, is at least three inches diameter. The plant has been ‘trashed’ but seed pods are still there … riverside plants are at least ten feet tall.
Fun front is chaotic and in crisis as usual as dup folk natter with Mrs Maybe over what’s what. Dup manifesto reads as quite sensible … mmm, therefore difficult to understand for our uk mp’s?
Love dup’s beeb licence reform ‘pledge’. No wonder beeb has been calling dup rotten – quite wrongly actually.
Here, a re-vamped bedroom/walk-in-wardrobe, has deemed a posh new bedroom chair be purchased … mmm, I can envisage a good use for it …

Wednesday 14th June 2017.

Really warm this morning so an easy eight-miler around local lanes. Red-ish things on Sycamore are ripening ‘helicopters’. Still Goldfinches about and, along river Irwell, Hogweeds are now flowering.
Hot air balloon was out again – it’s in pic two but doesn’t show – spotted from a windless Elton Reservoir embankment.
Clear up there today, pic three is of view to Whitefield/Stand etc.
As said Hogweeds fully blooming – pics on Hogweed page. Will check-out a few other locations for them.
Massive apartment-block fire in London is main news. It looks very bad. Thought these things had been ‘outlawed’ years ago as no fire-service ladder can reach beyond a few (ground) floors.
The fun front is, as ever, more or less in chaos. Public debt nears ¬£2,000,000,000,000.00p, that’s two ¬£trillion. No one really bothers so long as their particular belly is full! And Brexit is blamed for everything. The lady leader of the dup said, “… we’ll do what’s best for the country …” Therein lies the problem.
Mind you, her tv licence ‘stance’ makes up for a lot!

Tuesday 13th June 2017.

Busy at home today so no early out and about. Summat’s going-on in Radcliffe too – car-park is fenced … something being built perhaps – like a supermarket? It’ll mean buying stuff without crossing the main road. Always better – Qwik-Save was brill.
On the fun front anti-tv-licence folk, the Northern Irish dup party, are making the beeb squirm. They’re being called rotten by beeb at moment.

Sunday 11th June 2017.

Early bike-ride was abandoned because of inch and a half self-tapping screw in back tyre! Once back, after two mile walk, it was new wardrobe fitting time …
Talk about keeping fit! (Wardrobe fitters, pictured, had pink screw-drivers!)
Locally Hogweeds are enormous. Ten, twelve even fifteen feet. One, growing in aqueduct at Prestwich, was ten feet wide with at least two or three four and a half foot leaves. It was at least twelve feet tall. Folk walked within inches of it daily, not knowing what it was.

Saturday 10th June 2017.

A lull in rain meant a full eight-miler this morning. Pic one – a ‘wild’ rose (?) along Daisyfield – mmm, never see a daisy up there …
Normally, around there, which is the furthest point from ‘home’, is where it starts to chuck it down. Whichever way you go, from there, you get soaked!
Elton Reservoir nearly in the clouds – nearby hills are.
And the Irwell Hogweeds are well blooming.
Those white florets will be about two feet across. The plants are at least ten feet tall.
The fun front still reels from a lacklustre, mediocre, perfectly normal resulted, general election. In order to carry-on Mrs Maybe has asked DUP (Ireland polis) to help give her a commons majority. Tories did this with LibDems a year or two back. Nothing silly or novel there.
But the thing is: DUP manifesto policy is awesome. One point being scrappage of tv licence tax and reform of bbc. (Probably as normal, everyday, subscription service like many others). Another point is reduction of corporation tax.
Meanwhile labourmp’s remind that nice Mr. Corbyn that he actually lost. (Would they have done better with that nice Ms Abbott in charge? She got a mega majority.)