Monthly Archives: September 2017

Friday, 22nd September 2017.

Friday again and rather a nippy one this morning. Warth weir had a Cormorant upon the weir top this morning, and later, a Grey Squirrel, jumping out of the bike’s way along canal’s tow-path, jumped into the canal. It swam about a bit then climbed/jumped up the edging stones to safety – couldn’t reach it in the water, too far down. It was okay. They swim very well apparently.
City of Wells up at Bury South – always looks good.

Friday 15th September, 2017.

A rainy week weather-wise but today was okay for a few biked miles. Pictured ‘Willow’ yesterday. She’s a Newfoundland and nearly as big as the ponies at High Bank!
City of Wells spotted up at Bury South the past day or two. You just have to take a pic.
An abundance of Herons along Radcliffe Canal; spotted two flying together over cattle fields near Elton Reservoir. Also spotted, along Elton Reservoir embankment, a red-capped bird about as big as a Starling – touch bigger perhaps and the rest of it was grey. Checked on the web and the nearest match is a Hawfinch – but doubtless a local twitcher will correct that. Goldfinch common along canal tow paths.
Flies and mossies, along embankment path, deemed a pair of clear industrial ‘glasses’ be worn. They’re cheap and very effective on the bike. Other bikers use large sunglasses.

Friday 8th September 2017.

A rainy week with heavy showers so far this morning. Pic of 13065, up at Bury South, taken yesterday in between rain showers. It’s quite sunny right now but the minute you shove a foot through the door to go out, it chucks it down.
Despite all that nipped out between showers and it’s quite warm. Plenty of water in Irwell at Warth. Natch’ everywhere is soaked but okay for a few bike miles to Bury and back – stayed on roads rather than (now very muddy?) bike-tracks etc. Roads being trenched all over for Virgin cables, gas and lecky I think. Lights still along Bury & Bolton Road near Three Arrows area.

Friday 1st September 2017.

First of September and very clear if not too warm. Plenty of sun about though around local lanes. Still a few flies about so the specs are a boon – especially at speed (8mph!) on the bike.
Many Canada Geese now on the res – with more in nearby fields. A few years back photo’d maybe twenty swans at the shallow end. So far this year only six seen at one time – at boat-club end. Cormorants still drying-out on the buoys.
Greenery at its height – bike-route along Daisyfield two thirds its normal width.