Monthly Archives: October 2017

Tuesday 31st October 2017.

Cool but windless for a few bike miles this morning and a long lorry up at ELR. It must be tricky backing that through the gates.
But they managed it.
I always think stuff like that is interesting to watch because it must happen, but folk rarely see it.
After that was squirrel-dodging around Daisyfield – there seems to be umpteen of ’em. On the wet leaves the new Schwalbe tyres (Winter Grades!) are vital and the sprung saddle is great for our road surfaces …
Might go out tonight …
Witch-hunting …

Friday 27th October 2017.

Cold again this morning but okay for a few bike miles. Daisyfield has had a ‘haircut’ (hedge-cutter yesterday) and looks much wider (it is much wider!) so plenty of twigs etc., about. But they’re not thorny – okay under the bike tyres.
The old Jolly Carters Carvery has long gone – just a big space along Bolton Road. Traffic-lights up there again, they’re fitting a new water-main. It’s easier for me to walk past on pavement.
Missed the loco’s this morning – saw the smoke …

Thursday 26th October 2017.

Fine this morning for the bike-ride and a biggy up at Bury South – I was just in time to get a pic or two of Union of South Africa.
There’s a very short ‘video’ too, I’ll upload asap.
From there went to bike-route and just got past the hedge-cutter going up the slope.
That could have been nasty!

Sunday 22nd October 2017.

On the stormy side early-on, but dry enough for a bike-ride locally. Windy though and definitely on the cold side. (Excellent!)
The new supermarket – Radcliffe centre – is nearly finished (I think) and looks massive. Arriving by bus, at bus-station, it’ll be the first thing you see, more or less. Looking good. But car-parking space has been used to build it.
Work proceeds near the old Baths site to (apparently?) make some kind of cycle-route bridge across Blackburn Street ( I think?) so that blocked-off Darbyshire Street can be used to get to Banana Walk etc. It just looks like ‘road-widening’ at the moment.
Hedge cutter has been along farm-lanes so rides are (mainly) on roads lately. Even Schwalbes have a hard time with half-inch thorns!
Pic above looking toward Radcliffe Canal Wharf from Coney. Stacked stones are the old railway bridge supports.

Wednesday 18th October 2017.

Cooler again today. Yesterday’s path-blocking tree has been shifted, but watch farm-lanes as hedge-cutter is about and he doesn’t pick-up cut thorns!
Umpteen Tits, Finches and others at feeders. Several swans on Elton, but canal cygnets are not always there – just one this morning. Four yesterday. Two large flying flocks of Canada Geese and Cormorants about.
Sunny though, earlier, which helps with digi-pix as above – canal near Withins Bridge.

Tuesday 17th October 2017.

Much fresher this morning after several days of low-cloud and high humidity. It’s cooler and winds are stronger – especially along Elton Reservoir embankment path! From Old Hall Farm end, to the boat-club end, there was no need to pedal on a bike!
A blown down tree, along Daisyfield approach slope, looks like a twig but close-to is four or five inches thick and is well jammed across the pathway. Walkers can easily climb over but bikers are best using the lower, footbridge track, then up the slope from Wellington Street.
Bird-feeders are back near B.C. Already Blue tits, finches and others feeding – just watch the damned rats eh?
Edge-cutters are along farm-lanes – weeks of big thorns! Best stay clear.

Thursday 12th October 2017.

Fine and sunny for seven or eight miles on the bike. A rear puncture the other day deemed a close tyre inspection and the rear one – a summer-smoothie – was iffy to say the least. Two new ‘winter-grade Schwalbe’s fitted 700c x 40mm and they’re pretty good – far more ‘stable’ on the road bike over wet leaves and muddy ground. A sprung saddle fitted too. Really helps with the bumps along some off-road routes.
Waves, over Elton Res., this morning. Umpteen birds, gulls, cormorant, geese, swans, ducks, coot, heron, all over by the ‘beach’ end.
Work is being done, near Radcliffe centre, to provide easier access, for pedestrians/cyclists, to The Nature Trail near asda’s. It looks like a bridge(?) is being built over Blackburn Street near where School Street met the main road.
Other work done around Salisbury Road bike-route.
Extending Daisyfield to Radcliffe would be great – Bury to Bolton then, more or less on bike-routes.

Sunday 8th October 2017.

Dull and damp for the bike-ride this morning and something sharp flattened a tyre! (sorted)
Thomas working at Bury South with 2890 shoving.
Cygnets, now nearly all white, getting ready to fly off? One was in field near Metrolink tracks. Masses of birds at Elton Res., mainly Cananda’s but Heron(s), gulls, swans, grebe, cormorant etc.

Thursday 5th October 2017.

Very windy last night with loads of rain – hence roads are littered with large bits of tree and the river Irwell is ‘up’ quite a bit, but not island covering at Warth.
A spot or two of rain this morning, otherwise a cool-ish bike-ride around the lanes and tow-path. Wet leaves and road-bike tyres don’t mix – especially along Daisyfield Greenway. Big puddles around Baron Street and along Elton Reservoir embankment path – take care out there on two wheels.
Some sun though this morning along the lanes.