Saturday 18th November 2017.

A good easy bike-ride this morning while it was fine. Pic is of Warth weir taken in September. Water-levels at moment are quite low.
I read this morning that, since the UK last really balanced its books,(about 20 years) we’ve paid £520,000,000,000.00p in interest alone. (That’s £520 billion). Is that about half a bill a week? But there’s talk of a vat hike in next weeks ‘budget’. There’s talk of loads of stuff in next week’s ‘budget’, but la deficit always grows. What can be done? Dunno, but last week I’m sure I read that Mr Trump went abroad and returned with $520,000,000,000.00c worth of trade deals for the US.
Watched a bbc ‘drama’ prog. last night, Love, Lies and Records, natch it’s all about public-sector life (beeb haven’t a clue about Private stuff!). In it records clerks Agatha Raisin and Lewis’ Innocent became office enemies when one got promotion. Acting in such shows is oft very good, but the stories (so far) here were very depressing for a first episode, I mean, what’ll follow? (A page or two of Ayn’s Fountainhead restores reason levels)

4 thoughts on “Saturday 18th November 2017.

  1. dot

    You’re back , thought you’d given up with the wet weather. The bug, nothing to do with fermented fish 🐟 from Sweden by any chance. Missed love lies and records, will watch it next week.


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