Monday, 20th November 2017.

Rain this morning so outing postponed for an hour or so. Pic is from June and of one of the stone sculptures along the erm, Sculpture Trail. It’s really muddy there at moment.
Just reading of Bath Uni’ ‘head’ getting a pay-rise to £468,000.00p per annum. I mean, what can she teach to earn that? (Erm, how to make money perhaps?)
Watched program about country music last night – not bad. The presenter, Rich Hall, is funny and put some good facts forward about so-called ‘country’ music. Some nice guitars. Then, a bit late but a prog. about Ken Dodd turning ninety. As ever you just have to laugh with this comic genius.
Still rain and high winds outside – both can be interesting on a bike.
On the fun front it looks like Mrs Maybe will set the eu bung at £40,000,000,000.00p. It’s not good but getting out is paramount and that nice Mrs Merkel has got major backing probbies at home – so bung ’em a few quid to keep ’em quiet.

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