Tuesday, 21st November 2017.

Dull and drear this morning but no rain for morning’s biked six-miler. Not cold either but plenty of water going over Warth Weir – islands are nearly covered. Strangely a next-year hose-pipe ban is already envisaged for areas down south according to Wail this morning.
In Wail too are forecasts for tomorrow’s budget malarkey by that nice Mr Hammond. Here’s another: Taxes will increase despite being at all time highs. But, a while back, they lowered corporation tax and actually pulled more money! This highlights the sheer lunacy of our tax system where collecting it always costs more than is collected. (Result? Deficit and debt).
Tried to watch Country Music Awards the other night but couldn’t. The term ‘music’, in the title, is, these days, quite a mis-nomer.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, 21st November 2017.

  1. dot

    Yes budget tomorrow,see what happens. There’s a Chanel on freeview 87 Keep it Country . Don’t know what it like might be worth a watch.


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