Wednesday, 22nd November 2017.

Dull, rainy, humid, windy, but okay for the early bike-ride. Still plenty of water about with parts of Baron Street (Bury) just one big puddle. Very quiet around there without loco’s running.
On the fun front the chancellor tinkers with his current borrowings and little has changed – a few taxes, as said the other day, will rise. This just keeps the inflationary cycle going and has little or no real effect on anything. Diesel cars – especially older ones – taxed more. A bit of cash for the nhs, but really the problem there is a numbers (population) one. Stamp duty, for first time buyers, is abolished on properties up to £300,000.00p. This is okay – the previous limit was something like £125,000.00p – but is only window-dressing. The real problem first-timers have is saving a huge deposit, then trying to borrow the rest, often on minimal wage. This too will rise, to something like £7.80p an hour, so even those jobs become very iffy; not stable enough to impress mortgage lenders.
Watched an old Endeavour last night. (Recorded). They’re repeats yes, but one of the better ones.
Watch-out for (something like) a Bubonic Plague outbreak in Memphis Tennessee next week…

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