Friday, 24th November 2017.

Coldish this morning and rain meant a shortened bike-ride. Locally all the roads seem to be up while they fit new cable equipment. Pic today from February.
On the fun front ‘new’ tax ‘rules’ (slid in in budget small-print) mean hmrc can access bank accounts to take cash if they think you’re not paying enough.
And they’re debating whether or not to make cyclists wear helmets and Hi-Viz stuff. I’m already looking at the dirtiest diesels I can find …
And a gentleman in Kent has been awarded Grave-Digger of the Year. Well dug that man.
The beeb have found another Doctor Who – he’s an old actor called Tom Baker … don’t tell ’em, but he’s done it before …
Folk here are off wannabe watching. Tonight it’s perhaps the best one of all. (he is pretty good) But if they return and say, “He were crap!” We’ve got major problems.

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