Monthly Archives: December 2017

Sunday, 31st December 2017 – New Year’s Eve.

Spring-like weather this morning, after Met. Office ‘weather-bomb’ warnings of blizzards, ice-fields and snow-drifts all over the place. Great for two wheels as there’s no frost and thus no slippy bits of road. Not much traffic either so an easy on-road ride today. Except for Daisyfield bike-route where pics were taken, between leaf-bare trees, of old machinery at Cromptons Lodge. (A big old mill pond)
Spooky along there, when it’s quiet …
Just read that Storm Dylan approaches(?) – 80 mph winds, and ‘flying debris’.
And, apparently, present flu’ jab doesn’t work on ‘the elderly’, so a new one for over 75’s next year … the ones getting flu (here) this year were younger ones … doh!
Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, 30th December 2017.

Rain held off for a while so a few miles biked around Elton Reservoir and Radcliffe Canal earlier. Very quiet. Not many folk out at all.
Watched the relevant bits of ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix. Quite good if very puzzling. It’s like The X-Files meets The Goonies at Emmerdale Farm. To make things like this really scary they need Giant Hogweed, I mean, even monsters would be dissolved if they touched it …
Harry Potter films still a good watch, over Christmas and New Year, too. Last two, Deathly Hallows, still to come. Sadly, during beeb’s Little Women show, viewers said the snow was falling upwards. Oh dear, do they never go out?

Wednesday, 27th December 2017.

It’s trying to snow here and pretty cold, so no out and about on the bike just yet.
Pic is from yesterday when kids (?!?) were playing with some of their presents. (Combined age over eighty!)
Another one (and his Mrs) brought me a Sherlock Holmes book and it’s very interesting even after a page or two. (The Riddle of Foxwood Grange – Denis O. Smith.)
I think certain folk may be checking-out Sales at Bury later.
Had to oil bike-chains – seized-up a bit.

Tuesday, 26th December 2017.

Not been out this morning as it’s pouring down. Been listening to Roy Orbison and The Royal Phil’ which is a great (Chrissy present) C.D.
Traditionally folk come here on Boxing Day for a bit of nosh and a natter. One or two folk come here (this ‘site) to read of Detection and stuff.
Bearing that in mind can you deduce what we’ll be eating later?
Erm, no, not Canal Pike!

Monday, 25th December 2017 – Merry Christmas!

Dry, coldish and a touch of wind around the bike-lanes early-on – clear enough for a few pix around the canal and reservoir.
Music, in that video, accompanies words, written years ago, by a neighbour, about watching the late, great Roy Orbison perform on stage. It took a while to ‘write’ as the neighbour had included words like, ‘impeccable’ and ‘inseparable’ in his lyric! I mean, you need demi-semi-quavers for stuff like that.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 24th December 2017.

Dry but a touch of cold wind this morning for the early bike-ride. Good weather really for bikes and a few were out on roads. Weather folk reckon a 55f temperature for Christmas Day but ‘weather-bombs’ (?!) are forecast. (Someone is trying to dust me table while I’m typing. Doh!) Pic is of water-trough thingy up Bury this morning – no loco’s seen at Bury South.
Plenty of gulls at Elton Reservoir with geese, ducks and a swan or two this morning. Finches etc., at feeders and a Heron in nearby fields.

Wednesday, 20th December 2017.

Nipped out, on the bike, and nipped back in as it was quite drizzly. Pic from a dull day up The Nature Trail in, I think, March.
Apparently U.K. economy is doing very well – firms report full order books – and in U.S. the $1,500,000,000,000.00c (yes, that’s trillion) tax-cuts are having a similar effect – it’s booming there too.
Sadly Victoria Beckham’s fashion house lost another £8,400,000.00p last year but David pulled £2,000,000.00p a month profit. (I’ve said before, it’s all in the initials – ask Dickie Branson …)
Wotched Royal Variety last night and it’s okay but really quite – dated? Comics just use it to joke about royals present. Funny – ish, but really old hat. Some of the variety acts were very good, but they seem lost on tv. Better live.