Monthly Archives: December 2017

Monday, 11th December 2017.

Half an inch of snow is melting but ice was bad underfoot this morning. Still on cold side.
Checked-out the new ‘cycle lane’ thingy at Radcliffe. It looks like being a main road crossing for cyclists (?) i.e., new traffic lights. But it’s costing a fortune. Well, noticed a new camera had been installed there this morning. Nuff said. Notices at new supermarket site just say ‘Opening soon’. Waited ages for a bus for 98 return journey this morning – umpteen 524’s though. A Radcliffe/Bury service would be ideal – there used to be one.
Apparently a few inches of snow, down south, is causing havoc with schools, trains and airports.
Luckily, here, those aren’t really used!

Sunday, 10th December, 2017.

Half an inch of snow the other day and the tree’s up.
Nippy out today but okay for a tramp along farm-lanes to Elton Reservoir.

Windy around there but not too bad. Natch daily wail tells of ‘eleven inches of snow’ problems causing havoc with traffic etc. but nowhere near that amount here. Below freezing though – just.
Another tree pic.

More importantly …


Friday, 8th December, 2017.

Cold and frosty at the moment so safer walking than on two wheels. A touch of snow last night? A pack-animal was needed this morning for a trip to B&M’s which was warm work.
There’s a Million Dollar Quartet coffee (tea!) mug on me shelf now – all the way from Memphis.
Got me £10.00p ‘Chrissy Present’ from H.M. government. Might donate it to Guido Fawkes website – for, you know, historical reasons …

Update a bit later…Wotched the new Jurassic World trailer at facebook … looks awesome – Jeff Goldblum’s at it again … ‘life, – finds a way …’

Tuesday, 5th December, 2017.

Okay for morning bike-ride and then two intrepids arrived home and collapsed on chairs and couch.
Headlines in daily wail were about Strictly and/or Holly Willoughby. Nuff said.
Bad weather, apparently, from Thursday.
But the real big news is that new Jurassic Park trailers will be on Facebook next week. There are a couple of very short ‘scenes’ already shown – one where Dallas and Chris are running from smoking explosions and dinosaurs and another where a close-up of a docile T-Rex shows it with a mammalian rather than reptilian eye. Mmm … definitely a pet for Chris – he’ll probably ride the thing.
Picture from a sunny March 25th this year.

Sunday, 3rd December, 2017.

Drizzly and dull again but not cold so a few miles on two wheels done while there’s the chance – really cold weather is forecast for next week. (It’ll probably be roasting!)
Months on and some folk still wwhinge about brexit malarkey. Bill is now £50,000,000,000.00p. How our cash is wasted eh? That’s fifty billion quid, that’ll have to be borrowed. Perhaps we should be asking how much the eu will pay us to stay in!