Monthly Archives: January 2018

Wednesday, 31st January 2018.

Colder today with hail showers on and off. Good for nipping out off-road with the camera. Mega-puddles along farm-lanes and Elton Reservoir was (natch) deserted. But a good few bike miles between hail showers.
On the fun front: Drivers are warned that they’ll be fined for going even 1 mph over limits. I’d better slow down a bit on the bike!
And China won’t take just any of our waste any more – it’s got to be good stuff.
News with Noughts is that Bill Gates dad has Alzheimers, so Bill’s ‘invested’ $100,000,000.00c in a bid to find a cure.
Nearly forgot pic 3! It’s of Elton Res embankment path – which has, at the moment, nearly as much water as the res itself! Gulls, Grebe, Ducks, Swans, Blue Tits, Goldfinch, Chaffinch – all around there this morning. There are though still a few Hawthorn thorns along the lanes – watch your tyres if biking.

Tuesday, 30th January 2018.

White frost this morning but still an easy six-miler on the bike. Pic one is of another of the Burrs Sculpture Trail erm, sculptures. Dunno exactly what this one is. (Besides being an ‘expense’.)
Pic two is of the new E.L.R. station at Burrs. It was officially opened by folk on The Flying Scotsman. It’s hard to get a pic of it as there’s a high fence, to the left, and, from other end, sun would have shone into camera. Soon Leander and Tornado steamers will be at E.L.R. for a few days. There are, on the station fencing, authentic 1940’s/50’s adverts. I think the old bike ‘fits’ too!
News with Noughts is that the beeb may ‘cap’ news-folk salaries at £320,000.00p. (What’s up with £32,000.00p?) I’ll be applying forthwith …
And Jeff Bezos new Amazon H.Q. cost $4,000,000,000.00c and houses 40,000 plants in its ultra-modern spheres. Again, I’ll be applying forthwith …

Monday, 29th January 2018.

Solid rain all morning so no bike-ride as yet. Pic is from Friday’s Burrs ride and is of some of the stones made and erected for the erm, ‘Sculpture Trail’ at the park. Mmm.
Ditto pic two, which is a massive mousetrap. (Ed’s hiding behind it.) Country Parks are brill – especially for bikes, but they’re ultra muddy after days of rain. Wellies are good if you fancy an outdoor trek.
News with Noughts reveals that our Brexit ‘bill’ is £40,000,000,000.00p. Yet they insist being in eu is lucrative.
But, in the real world, Amazon expected to reveal $175,000,000,000.00c sales for past trading year. It’s about £330,000,000.00p a day. Jeff’s target is $200,000,000,000.00c a year. That’s some Market-Stall eh?

Sunday, 28th January 2018.

Drizzly and muddy this morning but not cold for a few biked miles. Chaffinches, Goldfinches, Blue Tits, at feeders near Elton Reservoir, and umpteen ducks, gulls, geese and swans on the water.
In pic two, today, the church tower on the distant horizon is Stand Church tower at Whitefield.
News with Noughts is that Ant McPartlin may be divorce liable for 30% of his future earnings being paid to his (ex-) wife. A figure in news is £155,000,000.00p. Tough eh?
And IKEA boss dies worth £51,000,000,000.00p. No problems with that – shopping there is voluntary.
Had a puncture yesterday. £1.50p for an inner-tube was a financial nightmare!

Saturday, 27th January 2018.

Drizzly rain again this morning but not cold. Too wet for the bike so it was cleaned-up a bit after several weeks of mud and puddle riding. A drop of oil, here and there, work wonders. Yesterday’s epic Burrs ride was, I’m told, eleven miles – some road, some park-paths, some park-trails, as in pic one today. That path goes between River Irwell, on left, ten feet down, and canal feeder, on right, four feet down. Good, sunny, weather yesterday but Burrs paths are still on the muddy side. Wellies a good idea if you’re off for a hike there.
On the fun front: More beeb men ‘agree’ to take massive pay-cuts. (Robinson, Vine, Edwards) This should bring them inline with ladies doing similar jobs. The thing is; with so much less expense, will the licence tax be correspondingly reduced? Or scrapped altogether?
Britain’s economy ‘continues to grow’ at about 1.8% annually, Brexit or no. (This is false really as debt is still being piled-up.)
News with Noughts ever continues with news of a ‘new but obscure’ tax on ‘long-term savings’ – 12,000,000 ordinary folk affected – that’ll pull £841,000,000.00p for govern-mental wastage schemes. (£70 odd quid apiece?)

Friday, 26th January 2018.

Sunny this morning and so an expedition to find the source of The Manchester, Bury and Bolton Canal. It’s up at Burrs Country Park and pic one is of it.
There’s a plaque, in the new Railway Station (Halt) at Burrs, which commemorates its opening while Flying Scotsman was at the Station.
While at Burrs a ‘Black Five’, 45212, steamed past along East Lancs’ Railway, but a pic of it was just missed.
A good ride from Radcliffe but park paths are still a bit muddy.
Ed next to old mill machinery at Burrs. He could probably ride it!

Thursday, 25th January 2018.

Not too bad for a few biked miles earlier and then a trip by bus to check-out a few new fitted kitchen designs … talk about news with noughts.
The Northern Ireland Priest still advocates training more exorcists as he’s very busy at the moment …
On the News for Noughts front: Oxfam boss gets £127,000.00p salary. So much for ‘charity’ tax-status eh?
And The Bank of England governor reckons Brexit has cost £200,000,000.00p a week since being voted for, ‘in lost growth’. Mmm, ‘growth’ is highly subjective – meaningless when you’ve a debt.
At the beeb that nice Mr Humphrys gets another pay-cut to £250,000.00p/£300,000.00p – it looks like no one knows what he actually pulls.
A top M.U.F.C. footballer gets £350,000.00p a week. But that’s the real world, you’re not under threat of jail for not going to watch football.

Wednesday, 24th January 2018.

Not too cold, after early rain, for out and about on the bike. Mega-puddles along farm-lanes and reservoir embankment path.
Water still pouring from newly-fixed man-hole on Grindsbrook Road. (Pic 2)
Best New Car, according to What Car?, is a Volvo XC40 – which is a, wait for it, diesel!
News with Noughts : Second week of January saw 15,000 deaths – some due to Aussie ‘flu, some due to cold. Highest weekly total for three years.
Storm Georgina (here we go) ‘hurtles’ toward Britain with 90 mph winds, torrential rain and mega flood-warnings … yesterday was warmest January day for two years.
There’s talk of a bridge or tunnel linking Northern Ireland to Scotland – £20,000,000,000.00p initial guesstimate. Yeah, right. (More like £20,000,000,000.00p per mile!)

Tuesday, 23rd January 2018.

Dull and drizzly again but not cold for a few biked miles. Temporary traffic lights along Ainsworth Road near Greenbank Road so using Banana, if on a bike, saves a few minutes.
NHS Pensioner MOT today. Folk at Doctors always view (dirty old) bike with puzzled looks, as I wheel it along nice clean corridor, yet they advocate cycling!
Quite a bit of News with Noughts : Help to Buy costs tax-payers £7,500,000.00p a day – £2,000,000,000.00p in first nine months of 2017.
A £1,200,000,000.00p eu refund (yes, a bloody refund!) meant low govern-mental December borrowing of £2,600,000,000.00p. National debt is now near £2,000,000,000,000.00p. That’s nearly two trillion.
Milk sales, in re-usable glass bottles, up 25%.

Monday, 22nd January 2018.

Dull, drizzly and drear again so a far more sunny pic from last October, taken at Elton Reservoir.
But a few miles clocked earlier on the bike.
Nothing much noticed in the News with Noughts vein except Bill Gates being worth $61,000,000,000.00c – which he’s worked for – no problem there.
There are calls to bring back British Rail – erm, up Bury it never went away. But a bit bleak at Bury South this morning.
Temporary traffic-lights near Spring Lane car auction building. Not a major problem but it does slow the Town Hall traffic even more.