Monday, 1st January 2018. New Years Day.

Happy New Year everyone! (And anyone!)
Very mild for bike-riding early-on and a super steamer up at Bury South – sadly it was going backwards (Oh dear). It’s a big 4-6-0 I was told.
A spotter asked the way to Roch Viaduct while at Bury and the easiest way by road (car) is along Parkhills Road, Bury (B6219) – which is off Manchester Road. Then right at a small roundabout onto Killon Road. Go along this to Alfred Street, turn left. Go along this to Roch Valley Greenway on the right. Train tracks right in front of you. (park car) Greenway changes to ordinary footpath through a park. Follow footpath to viaduct over River Roch (not far) – you’re very close to M66 motorway but no access from there as far as I can see. Viaduct, several large arches, built 1862.)
If spotter calls here he’ll find that. He goes all over the place spotting.
Steamers apart; a fox spotted along Cricket Club lane entrance. (Bury Road) It had gorn by the time I’d nipped back and got me camera ready.
Watched final Harry Potter film last night and finished good Sherlock Holmes story by Denis O. Smith – The Riddle of Foxwood Grange.

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