Wednesday, 3rd January 2018.

Storm Eleanor bad last night and the tail-end of it still around today. Dodgy bike-riding next to reservoir or canal when storm-force winds are blasting at you! Waves on reservoir and plenty of water in it. Not overly cold though. Just wet – rain and hail along canal later. So, this time weather forecasters got it about right.
Apparently all this dull, sunless, UK weather, is bringing out more and more cases of rickets. Mmm … not a population thing then? Cases of rickets at highest levels for 50 years.
Last year 4,000,000 vinyl L.P.’s were sold …
Some rail ‘season-tickets’ now cost £2,888.00p! Strewf! Can’t they get bikes?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, 3rd January 2018.

  1. dot

    Just been out with Miley and its still blowing a gale. Keeping my bike, some bus fares have gone up too.liked the video.


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