Sunday, 7th January 2018.

White frost – with plenty of ice – along farm-lanes for an early walk to Elton, roads are a bit icy for the bike. Sun though, on the way.
A few walkers, cyclists and joggers about but it is a bit icy underfoot.
Of course some folk have large fur-lined hoods for Arctic conditions …
Locally, four groupies went watching Bolton wannabe Tommy Holland pubside last night. Apparently he’s a ‘good one’. No problem – but had to get a skip for take-away-chippie and crisp wrappers before and after they went!
They’ll be watching him at Bury in February. I’m told all tickets are sold …

2 thoughts on “Sunday, 7th January 2018.

  1. dot

    Mrs C posted some pics of him in action, cant actually hear him though?? Cold and windy today but at least it’s dry.

  2. Condor Post author

    Video’s done with mobile ‘phone – not good. But Tommy Holland is one of the better ones – he can play instruments etc. and he’s only 21! Doing very well so far. Lives in Bolton.
    Really cold today (Monday).


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