Tuesday, 23rd January 2018.

Dull and drizzly again but not cold for a few biked miles. Temporary traffic lights along Ainsworth Road near Greenbank Road so using Banana, if on a bike, saves a few minutes.
NHS Pensioner MOT today. Folk at Doctors always view (dirty old) bike with puzzled looks, as I wheel it along nice clean corridor, yet they advocate cycling!
Quite a bit of News with Noughts : Help to Buy costs tax-payers £7,500,000.00p a day – £2,000,000,000.00p in first nine months of 2017.
A £1,200,000,000.00p eu refund (yes, a bloody refund!) meant low govern-mental December borrowing of £2,600,000,000.00p. National debt is now near £2,000,000,000,000.00p. That’s nearly two trillion.
Milk sales, in re-usable glass bottles, up 25%.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, 23rd January 2018.

  1. dot

    There’s an island in the Caribbean 5 miss square ,its made of plastic bottles and bags.Glass milk bottles should be made compulsory. Did you pass your MOT?

  2. Condor Post author

    🙂 MOT: Okay, had anti-pneumonium jab – anti-shingles jab in 4 weeks. Cholestrol is ‘a bit high’… it’s always been a bit high, even when on statins, so they don’t do much. (‘A bit high’ is subjective, I mean, compared to what?)
    Actually Nurse was a bit erm, you know, o v e r w e i g h t.


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