Thursday, 25th January 2018.

Not too bad for a few biked miles earlier and then a trip by bus to check-out a few new fitted kitchen designs … talk about news with noughts.
The Northern Ireland Priest still advocates training more exorcists as he’s very busy at the moment …
On the News for Noughts front: Oxfam boss gets £127,000.00p salary. So much for ‘charity’ tax-status eh?
And The Bank of England governor reckons Brexit has cost £200,000,000.00p a week since being voted for, ‘in lost growth’. Mmm, ‘growth’ is highly subjective – meaningless when you’ve a debt.
At the beeb that nice Mr Humphrys gets another pay-cut to £250,000.00p/£300,000.00p – it looks like no one knows what he actually pulls.
A top M.U.F.C. footballer gets £350,000.00p a week. But that’s the real world, you’re not under threat of jail for not going to watch football.

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