Saturday, 27th January 2018.

Drizzly rain again this morning but not cold. Too wet for the bike so it was cleaned-up a bit after several weeks of mud and puddle riding. A drop of oil, here and there, work wonders. Yesterday’s epic Burrs ride was, I’m told, eleven miles – some road, some park-paths, some park-trails, as in pic one today. That path goes between River Irwell, on left, ten feet down, and canal feeder, on right, four feet down. Good, sunny, weather yesterday but Burrs paths are still on the muddy side. Wellies a good idea if you’re off for a hike there.
On the fun front: More beeb men ‘agree’ to take massive pay-cuts. (Robinson, Vine, Edwards) This should bring them inline with ladies doing similar jobs. The thing is; with so much less expense, will the licence tax be correspondingly reduced? Or scrapped altogether?
Britain’s economy ‘continues to grow’ at about 1.8% annually, Brexit or no. (This is false really as debt is still being piled-up.)
News with Noughts ever continues with news of a ‘new but obscure’ tax on ‘long-term savings’ – 12,000,000 ordinary folk affected – that’ll pull £841,000,000.00p for govern-mental wastage schemes. (£70 odd quid apiece?)

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  1. Condor Post author

    Yes, Burrs good, but it gets really muddy. (Excellent!) Fairly new unicycle. That one has gears so it goes faster. Weather was okay Friday so he had a ride out on it. Uses a normal bike for work in winter months.


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